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Sistemas IV

Laura Brugés

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Cybernetics

Let's summarize in one diagram First of all... What's 'Cybernetics'? Cybernetics * From the Greek word it means 'steersman'.

* Cybernetics is an attempt to understand the communication and the control of machines, living beings and social groups through analogies with electronic machines

* It's deeply related to the General Systems Theory (GST) First and Second Cybernetics Order There are two Cybernetics System Order according, like two big steps to analyze and describe a system that has a determinated goal and Cybernetics History and Cybernetics Nowadays Types of Cybernetics System The Two Major Types of Cybernetics
are Stable, equilibrating system and
Unstable dis-equilibrium system Cybernetics and General Systems Theory (GST) Cybernetics Made By:
Thiago Midon
Laura Brugés
Edisson Aguilar Thank you! History of Cybernetics In 1867, James Clerk Maxwell published an article titled "On Governors"
This paper prompted the birth of the field of control theory. Control theory, which examines the behavior of dynamical systems, is closely associated with cybernetics today
Modern cybernetics began in the 1940s. The growing university system in the United States, along with technological advancements during World War II, brought together practitioners from a variety of fields, including electrical engineering, control theory, network theory, mechanical engineering and mathematical logic *The terms "systems theory" and "cybernetics" have been used as synonyms.
*The relationship between cybernetics and general systems theory is evident, both studying systems but cybernetics has a more restricted because it specializes in self regulation of systems.
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