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Nature in Architecture

After watching a TED talk video(http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/michael_pawlyn_using_nature_s_genius_in_architecture.html), students will learn about sustainable design and plan a green building as a group.

Jonathan Pharis

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of Nature in Architecture

Sustainable Design
(환경 친화적 설계) What is sustainability? Sustain (유지하다) means to keep things the same. Sustainability is meeting the needs (요구를 충족) of the present (지금,현대) without compromising (손상하다) the ability of future generations (미래 세대) to meet their own needs. 환경 친화적 개발 사회 환경 경제 Michael Palwyn said that this can be done by mimicking (흉내내다) nature in 3 ways: Resource Efficiency
Closed Loops
Solar Power Resource Efficiency (자원 효율성)
Most insects (곤충들) use chitin for everything. Armor
(갑옷) Wings
(날개) And color (색) Closed Loops (폐회로) In a closed loop, nothing is thrown away. Garbage is made useful. Solar Power (태양열 발전) The sun provides (대주다) all the energy we could ever use. We just have to find a way to harness (동력화하다) it. What is the Sahara Forest Project? This is actually better than sustainable design. This is restorative design. What does "restore" mean? How is the Sahara Forest Project restorative? Nature has provided (공급해주다) an answer to any problem we have. We should ask "How does nature solve this problem?" Next week, in your groups, you will: Nature has the best designs (설계). They have been developed (발달시키다) over 3.8 billion years. Design a building (건축) or thing (물건) that is sustainable . What are some green technologies (녹색 기술 체계)? Think of energy (전기) sources.
Think of ways to reduce (줄이다) waste.
Try to think of ideas from nature. What is biomimicry? In your groups: Pick one animal or plant.
Copy an idea from that animal or plant.
Draw a design for an invention using that idea.

When you are finished, your group can present.
Each person in the group should say one thing about the invention.
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