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2.02 Early Cells

No description

L Ogden

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of 2.02 Early Cells

2.02 Early Cells
Bailey Danielle
How are cells affected by the movement of water?
Safety Notes
Observations and Conclusion
Conclusion (cont)
If the cells are affected by the movement of the water then, the cell will grow larger; because the cell membrane allows water inside.
The experimenter must wash hands after handling the egg.

Raw Egg
Corn Syrup
Jar with Lid

The egg was placed in Jar
Two hours later the egg started floating

Towards the end of the procedure it was noticed that a foul smell was present
The egg felt like rubber
Places egg in water and after 24 hours it became even larger about 1 cm bigger.
Egg was placed in corn syrup and after 24 hours the egg was completely deflated.
The hypothesis was correct the egg grew and the egg lost its shell, but it also got quite and rubbery.
Egg Size


14 cm

15 cm

16 1/2 cm
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