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science project

Libby Eggert

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of Phosphorus

Georgia Peppe
Katie Hughes
Libby Eggert
5/5/10 Atomic number: 15
Atomic Mass: 31
Classification: nonmetal
Group: Group 15 Nitrogen Phosphorus...
-Was discovered by Hennig Brand in 1669 in Germany
-origin is from "Phosphoros"-Greek word for "bringer of light"
-possibly named after the planet Venus
-First element to be descovered having a historical register
-First discpveredwhen Brand was looking for the Philosopher's Stone
-When discovered, it was shown around to king to amuse them Physical and Chemical Properties - Melting Point for white phosphorus is 44.2 degrees celsius ( 111.6 degrees fahrenheit)
- The boiling point 280 degrees celsius ( 531 degrees fahrenheit)
- Has a foul smell of garlic
- Hard to dissolve in water
- Soluble in Carbon Disulfide Continued.... - The density is 1.82 g/cm^3
- It exists in three allotropic forms
white/yellow, red, violet, and black
- A dose of 60 to 100 mg is highly toxic and lethal
- Has a waxy texture
- Phosphorus is highly reactive. Modern uses...
laundry detergent
fine chinaware
tracer bullets
baking powder
production steels
Historical uses...
production of special glasses
smoke bombs
white phosphorus shells (bombs)
white phosphorus matches
fire bombs Interesting Facts Phosphorus is...
- A key component of biological molecules such as DNA and RNA
- Component of bones and teeth
- Phosphate in the blood stream can leech calcium from your bones
- Used in colas, rootbeers, and other dark colored sodas
- Working unprotected with white phosphorus can cause a disease called "phossy jaw" which decays the jaw, in many cases the treatment is to remove the jaw
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