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The Hunger Games


Scott Locke-Petersen

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Hunger Games

Novel Study By Scott Catching Fire Is the second book in the hunger game series. The hunger games follows how Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are put in to the hunger games and cheat the system. The second book follows how they both survive the 75th Hunger Games which is worse then the 74th Hunger games Because this is for all the victors of the previous Hunger Games and to add to there problems they have to try cheat the system a second time which will be harder than last time since the Capital knows almost all their tricks but not all of them. The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Catching Fire The Girl On Fire Katniss Everdeen ; the Main character of the hunger. Katniss wasn't know for much just a quiet 17 year. All this changed when her little sister Prim was the tribute from district and Katniss knew that she couldn't survive 1 day out in the wild so Katniss volunteered to be the tribute girl.Katniss is the oldest of two

Katniss is a very lovely person but when is put in a situation like the hunger games can turn aggressive to survive. when ever Katniss is around one of her best friends Gale she is as merry as a child on Christmas, but when they were talking about running away together Katniss' happiness gets sucked out of and replaced with the feeling as if someone has just died.Even though she can be the most cheerful person in District 12 she is also the prettiest person in district 12.

Katniss is probably on of the tallest people in district twelve When it comes to appearances Katniss wins there because if she isn't wearing a pretty pink dress you will find her in her hunting gear which consists of: her fathers leather hunting jacket, leather hunting boots, her leather hunting pants, and finally her hunting bow that she made with her father before he was killed in the mine. When Katniss enters the first hunger games her prep team dresses her in a coal like black dress the light her on fire with fake flames for her chariot ride.

When it comes to Katniss's meaning of fun is not sitin' down and chilaxin' no her meaning of fun is going out to the woods that are next to District 12 and check the snares that she had set a day ago and hunting on the ground or in a tree waiting for game (animals like: squirrels, rabbits and deer.). But after the 74th annual Hunger Games going in to the woods didn't feel the same because her best friend Gale Hawthorne was her old hunting partner untill he started working in the same mines that her father was killed in. The only time that Katniss ever gets to see Gale for an hour or two is on Sundays the only day that Gale doesn't have to work.So ever since the 74th anual Hunger Game s Katniss's life has gone from normal to extra-ordinary, and is filthy rich. Luckily for Katniss when she went to the 74th hunger Games gave her mother Mrs Everdeen a reality check because before the 74th Hunger Games Katniss was the Woman of the house.

Katniss, the girl on fire the victor of the 74th & 75th annual Hunger games.The spark tht turned Panem against the capital. The girl on fire....... Katniss Everdeen. Lover Boy Peeta Mellark the third victor from District 12. He is also the youngest of three. His father Mr Mellark is quite a nice guy, but now this is a big BUT his mother the worst mother in the entire history of mothers especially when Peeta "Accidentally" burnt 2 full loaves of bread for his lover Katniss Everdeen.

Peeta is quite a tall guy especially when he is 5'10" (a staggering 1.778m) wow thats pretty tall and best of all he has got a stocky buildfor all the ladies. Most of his life is spent in his bakers uniform which is; a baby blue button up T-Shirt, a pair of trckies (track pants) and finally what makes chefs and bakers apart his APRON. In the 75th Hunger Games he wore a blue jumpsuit and what ever clothes he wore underneath the jump suit. Now enough about his clothes lets get down or should I say up to his facial features like: hair, eyes, freckles, and SCARS/ BURNS. He has a golden brown blonde ( No he is Not A pure blonde) with eyes that glimmer from the slightest contact with light. Also they are as blue as the crystal clear ocean.After he was taken upon one of the hover crafts he was rushed to the operating room because while he ws in the arena he: walked into an invisible force feild, he was attacked by the mutated monkeys. Once he was finally operated on he had tube coming from every part of his body: his arms, his legs, his mouth, and every where else I did not mention.

Fun. Katniss. Baking. These are only a handful of the many words that pop in to Peetas mind when he thinks of fun. Katnis, the reason that her name pops into Peeta's mind when he thinks of fun is because when he was in the arena and was about to die he remembered Katniss and how she along with: Mags,Wiress, and others put their lives in harms way to stop Peeta from getting hurt/ killed. Baking, I don't exactly know why this pops in to his mind especially since his mother treats him as if he has done something wrong. Child Abuse. That's all I've got to say abouyt that plain and simple CHILD ABUSE.

Abhorrence .I'm surprised that this isn't one of the first words that pops into mind when Peeta thinks of his mother. Now we are not here to tak about the negative no we are here to talk about the positive. The characteristics of Peeta. HHHHHHMMMMM. Aha he is abrave and kind persona nd would stick up for any one apart from people that hated his guts so much that they wanted to kill him obviously. To be honest he is actually quite open minded depending on the topic of course. Bravery..... well I would say he has quite a bite of bravery in him especially since int he arena when Katniss was traped in the mocking jay hour He had to just hope for the best that she could survive through the whole hour.

In my eyes Peeta is pretty much a MEGA me especially when his mother hates his guts.So Peeta and I are praticarly bros. Rating About The Author #1=When Katniss and Peeta started the Victory tour. After they are in the justice building of district 8 when they hear three gunshots and they fear the worst.... that some had been badly injured. At the Dark night Rises Premier there was a shooting massacre which most of the audience thought it was a apart of the movie so they stayed to finish watching the movie. In the end there were a total of !2 deaths which is just disgusting that a group of people would just walk into a theatre and just shooting not caring about who thy hurt or even if they killed someone.

#2= In the middle of chapter 8 gale gets purposely tied up and almost beaten to death. All around the world, yes including New Zealand people are: abused, beaten to death and worse tortured. I can say that it happens hear in our back yard because I have personally been beaten/ abused.

#3= In chapter 11 Katniss goes through an electric fence (that wasn't on), but when she came back she was on the wrong side of the fence when the power started running throught the fence. Place around the world have eletrical fence for many purposes but the main purpose is so that if anyone tries to rob them they robber will have a shocky surpise. Connections Text-To-World The Hunger Games:
The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games Catching Fire
The Hunger Gams MockingJay
A BookCaps Study Guide -- Mockingjay: The Hunger Games
Gregor And The Underland:
Gregor and the over land
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Charlie McButton:
When Charlie McButton Lost Power
When Charlie McButton Got Power
Fire Proof Other Books By Suzanne Collins Victory Tour= The Victor(s) takes place all around Panem from District 12 to the Capital and at the end of the victor(s) tour the district the victor(s) are from throw them a feast. At the start of chapter 4 Katniss gets ready for the victor(s) tour by giving herself to her prep team but they weren't being their selves because they keep knocking back cups of coffee, and they were even sharing funny looking pills that ranged from white, pink, and every other colour I didn't mention, also they aren't as talkative as they usually are they are so quite that Katniss can hear every hair being ripped from their follicles, whereas Peeta is sleeping in along with his prep team. When they stated the victor(s) tour the first district that they visited was district 11, but the worst thing was that Rue was from 11 so it was quite an emotionally moment for Katniss especially when Rue died she died in Katniss' arms.

Engagement= The engagement was quite a shock to the whole of Panem. Not only was it apart of their little plan to get more sponsors it was also real (For Peeta Of Course because Katniss Loves Gale at the bottom of her heart.). To add to their crazy love act they did at the Capital feast. Ever since Katniss and Peeta got engaged Gale felt as if Katniss' memory was wiped of all the great time that they had spent together and all the hints Gale had given Katniss that he was in love with her. Well where do I start, well first of all Katniss knew that Peeta was in love with her but she didn't know exactly if she returned the feelings or if she was just playing along in their act because deep down inside she knows that it's not Peeta, but that is Gale that Her heart desires.

The Uprising/ Rebellion= The uprising or as some people say a rebellion. The Rebellion actually started not in the 2nd or 3rd books but in the first book. The Spark/ the starter of the rebellion that turned the whole of Panem against the capital to stop this inhumane game the Hunger games. There were 1000 lives that were lost well 824 lives exactly (wows that's a lot of grieving families). Since the end of the 74th hunger games everyone has been supporting Katniss since she is the spark of the rebellion and the Person who made the whole of Panem hunt down the capital President Snow specifically since he was the one that has forced families loved ones into the arena for a staggering 75 years. Main Plot Summary #1 Where Suzanne Collins Was Born
Collins was born on August 10, 1962 in Hartford, Connecticut.
What He Parents Did
She is the daughter of a U.S. Air Force officer who served in the Vietnam War. As the daughter of a military officer, she and her family were constantly moving. She spent her childhood in the eastern U.S.
What High School/ University She Went to.
She attended high school at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, where she was a Theatre Arts major. She graduated from Indiana University with a double major in Drama and Telecommunications.
Married With Children Or Single
Collins resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with her husband and their two children. She is a Roman Catholic.Her Husbands Name Is: Cap Collins, Her Two Children's names are: Jack and Susan Collins.
How She Started Writing Children's Books
Surprisingly Suzanne Collins while she was working on a Kids WB show called Generation O! she met children’s author James Proimos, who talked her into giving children’s books a try. #4= At the beginning of the 75th Hunger Games Katniss swims and heads for the cornucopia and garbs a sleath of arrows from the mouth of the cornucopia which is full to the top with weapons. Some contries in the world have shops hat are choco block with weapons from Bow ' N ' Arrows to Semi Automatic hand guns.

#5= In this chapter Katniss and the Alliance come up with a plan to connect Beeetee's wire to the electrical tree all the way to the water/ beach. Sometimes companies use kind of the same method but they hook one part of wire around a power box and the other end of wire is also attached to the power box which can cause electricity to run through an electric fence to prevent the company from being robbed. Connections Text To World (Continued) The Run Away= Running away the idea Katniss had about how to get away from the mayhem. In chapter(s) 7-9 Katniss and Gale go to the lake that Katniss and her father went to in her father’s spare time until he was killed in the mines. While they were there they talked to each other about running away, when Gale starts wondering where in the world did Katniss come up with this idea so he goes and interrupts Katniss and asks her “Where in the World did you get the idea for this from." Katniss just simply says "Don't you remember the reaping day last year." and that's when Gale says “O.K. now if you are really sure about this that we won't get caught then what's the plan." So after they had discussed what they would do to run away they left it 'til the next day when they left District 12 they started walking when they were stopped in their tracks from a giant group of peacekeepers. Katniss' first thought was "Run, Run, Run" when after a while she realizes Gale isn't behind her so she runs back to see if he is O.K. but when she arrives there she finds him tied to a tree and being whipped by a male peace keeper and he is bleeding liters after liters of blood from the whip marks, when there peace keeper goes for one more.... The Death hit. But before he hits him Katniss say "You Aren't going to take him from Me." and flings herself in front of the whips path and in result she gets a direct hit to the right side of her face. Main Plot Summary #2 The 75th Hunger Games= The Hunger Games is an annual event that takes place in a variety of arena that the capital has keep especially for the hunger games so that the tributes don't know the arena like a map in the back of their head. Katniss and Peeta made the worst decision in their lives to outsmart the capital to make not 1 but both of them survive, so the capital has thought long and hard about how to kill Katniss Everdeen (The Girl on fire).they thought of ways like: should we make the death look accidental, or should we just go and kill her, no wait better yet we will have another hunger games but this time for the victors to see who the real victor is.

The Traps= The 74th arena was like any Forest you'd find all except for the big giant cornucopia in the middle of the arena, but the 75th Hunger Games is not like any of the arenas from the other Hunger Games especially when: it's in the shape of a clock and worst of all it works like a clock ( so every hour something happens fro E.g.: From 11-12 there is a salt water tsunami, and 12-1 the trees have electricity running through them so it is impossible to get water without getting electrified.). Also to add to their problems there is an invisible force field around the whole arena. Main Plot Summary #3 The main conflict is all about how Katniss (the spark of the Rebellion, the Rebellion) is trying to kill President Snow becaus he has threatened Katniss that if she put one foot out of line or told anyone about the conversation that they had at the start of the book then all the people that Katniss loves will pay the price for Katnmiss stepping out of line. as soon as President leaves District 12 he realizes that know that he has threatened her that she will make him pay for all the pain and agony that he has Katniss, Family through making her go back into the arena to make sure that President Snow safe .

The Conflict has been partly resolved instead of killing President Snow Katniss she was forced back into the arena so sghe was able to let some of her anger out on the other tributes. But now the conflict form this book may be carried on to the 3rd and final book. Main conflict 4.5 OUT OF 5 The hunger Games. Doesn't sound that great just a competition about someone being in a competition that requires you to eat as much food as you possibly can.Well thnk again this book is every thing a great book needs its got: SSSUUSSPPEENNSSE....., R<3omance, and a good fight or as some people like to call it VIOLENCE.

A great book has got o leave you hanging, but sometimes it leaves hangin' to much for E.G.: At the end of book 1 Katniss and Peeta are on a train back to District 12, but inbook 2 they are back in District 12 but you don't know about every thing they did on the train ride back to district12. Every great novel needs suspence ,BUT not too much suspense. Every Great Book NEEDS Suspense One of the most important novel for boys is... yep you gussed it Violence.

Now what all boy crave in: books, games, and movies......... VIOLENCE yeah. Now the Hunger games is full of: violence, deaths, and best of all hand to hand, bloodbaths. Now if your not really into violence, but you are into the Twilight series then this book may be for you.Now For the worst part of the entier series of the Hunger Games. THE ROMANCE

Now my least favoured thing about the hunger games that girls will go coco nuts for it Romance. What is the point of putting romance into a book that is filled with violence. Well Suzanne Collins Kind of made it fit in to the story so that it the person reading the book that what ever circumstances you find yourself in love is the most powerful thing you have. Which is actually a pretty good motto for young adults to remember because even if your the most wanted criminal in the world that your family still loves you deep down but just you can't see past all the frustration on their faces.

Now if you are a girly girl and look a way at the slightest hint of violence/ death, well plain and simple the Twilight series is better off for you. But on the other hand if you live off violence but hateRomance then this book may be an option for you. Now the best people of all the ones that crave/live off SUSPENSE, VIOLENCE, and R<3MANCE than this is the perect book for.

P.S. This book is recommended for 6young adults which is 12 and older. Why Should Read The Hunger Games Series You Suzanne Collins Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark Jennifer Lawrence Katniss Everdeen Bow'n'Arrow Katniss Used in The 74/75th Hunger Games Main Plot Summary #4 The Alliance=The Alliance=At the 74th Hunger Games an alliance wasn't the most important thing on Katniss mind the only thing that was on her mind was SURVIVAL. After a day or two the career tributes found Katniss up a tree and decided to just leave her up the tree and make camp next to the trunk of the tree. The next day she sees Rue and Rue directs her to cut a branch. And after the careers had left Katniss jumped down from the tree and found Rue then they were in an Alliance until........... RUE DIES. Now all that is different into the 75th Hunger Games Katniss and Peeta Know that the only way they are going to survive the Hunger games again they will have to make Alliances, so when the tributes go down to the train center Katniss and Peeta split up to find who they want in the Alliance. At the end of the day they had been able to get in an Alliance with: Beetee, Wiress, Mags, and Finnick.

NO DISTRICT 12= At the end of the last chapter in book 2 Katniss is talking to Gale and they are talking about going back to district 12 when Gale goes and lets the secret out that there isn't District 12 anymore because the capital bombarded District 12 and that her sister Prim has been killed by the bombardment of bombs. As soon as Katniss hear that the first person she thought that would have done this is ...... yep PRESIDENT SNOW. Katniss just thinks to herself that was the biggest mistake of the capitals life especially since her little sister was killed. Once Gale had told Katniss it was like more fuel was being added to a wildfire. Main Plot Summary #5 District Thirteen= Ever since the first book The whole of Panem has been thinking that District 13's fate was the same as District 12's fate, but in chapter(s) 10-12 Katniss meets 2 girls Bonnie and Thread and when Katniss saw them she was wondering what District they were from and how the heck they escaped the peace keepers. When Katniss realizes that one of the girls has rolled her ankle from wearing boots that were far to big for her, so Katniss being the nice person she is invited them into the house by the lake and offers them food and as soon as she hands over the food that the girls hadn't eaten. After they had eaten Katniss talked to the girls and asked them where were they going, and Katniss was not prepared For their answer "District Twelve". And surprisingly after the 75th Katniss was taken aboard not a capital hovercraft, but like the girls said District 13. Yep she was on a District 13 hovercraft.

PEETA IS M.I.A= After the 75th hunger games Katniss is brought up on to the District 13 hovercraft when she starts looking around and realizes that she is on an operating table with tube coming out every which way, her first thought is where is Peeta maybe he's with Haymitch so she jumps of the operating table and pulls the tubes out and then starts looking for Haymitch and Peeta. But when she finds Haymitch she realizes that Peeta isn't there so she asks Haymitch where Peeta is, but Katniss doesn't like his answer because Haymitch doesn' Know where Peeta is ether when Plutarch says that the capital took Peeta onboard their hovercraft before we could get him. I'm sorry Katniss." Thanks For Watching
Hope You Enjoyed My Prezi (ntation)
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