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C.V. Henk de Groot


Henk de Groot

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of C.V. Henk de Groot

C.V. Henk de Groot Born: 11 February 1979 in Venlo (the Netherlands) in this house at the Schillerstraat 60 But most of my youth raised at the La Fontainestraat I started working at this chemical factory
"Achros Chemicals B.V." (Venlo)
for about a year Joined "The Airmobile Brigade"
Arnhem 1997
and earned my "red baret" and in 1991 went to this school
SG Maasland Mavo
Worked for a year as an ambulance-driver
in Roermond at the Doctors-post
Forfilled "various" functions in the course
of 6 and a half years Stinger-gunner
(anti-aircraft) Tow-gunner
(anti-tank) Combat medic and went on 2 "tours"
to Cyprus (Nicosia) in 1998-1999
and Bosnia (Novi-travnik) in 2000-2001 Yes, this is me....
And then worked a year for a Callcenter,
Arvato Services B.V.
for the account of "Dutch State Lottery"
and Governement info provider "Postbus 51"

And finally ended up working as an social worker for the FACT-team in the
psychiatric section (GGZ-NML RCG Venlo)
of the Venlo hospital "Viecuri"
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