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My Great Aunt Phyllis

No description

Axl Underwood

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of My Great Aunt Phyllis

My Great Aunt Phyllis Schools Housing Local Grocery Stores Family
The person I chose to interview was my great aunt Phyllis.

I had no one in mind to interview, so I chose my great aunt.

She doesn't have much history of living in other places, however,

she has a lot of history in LaSalle. This is a map view of where my great aunt grew up and lived. She still lives there today, but she is trying to sell her house so she can move to a condo, because her son moved out a few years ago. Right here, on Sprucewood and Malden, St. Paul's Catholic Elementary School use to be there. They tore the school down, but the church still remains next door. This is St Paul's Church which still stands next door to where the school use to be. Apparently this old country market use to be a really good store back in the day. Today, it still stands on Front Rd and Riverview. However, it is abandoned. Zehrs has been on Malden Rd for as long as my great aunt can remember. This is a satellite view of where my great aunt lived
for her whole life. As you can see, there is a lot of land.
This was where my great aunt's son, John, would grow crops and sell them at his local fruit stand called "John Allen Farms"
He moved out of his mother's house a few years ago, and last summer was his last year running the stand because he's getting old and has bad arthritis This is the side of my great aunt's house. It's her driveway, and there are two garages, the one on the right is two big garages in one. That garage is bigger than the house!
The garage on the left is where the tractor is parked. Behind it, there is 2 sheds and a barn.
At the end of Valiant Street, there is a path going toward John's fields.
This is my great aunt's house. I only put this picture up so you can see her house and the rest of the big garage. This is the fruit stand called "John Allen Farms" where my great aunt's son would sell the fruits and vegetables that he grew.
This summer is his first summer not selling produce. This is where my great aunt's son, John moved to a few years ago.
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