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Most important events of "The Beowulf"

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on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of Most important events of "The Beowulf"

Most important events of "The Beowulf"
The Wrath of Grendel
In this event explains how the monster named Grendel appears with his wrath. While Hrothgar's men lived happy in his hall, the monster arrived to change their happiness to fear.
When the darkness dropped, Grendel went to Herot. He killed as often as he could. He killed Hrothgar's warriors, but he never dared to touch his glorious Throne. Herot had no reparation and solace.
The Coming of Beowulf
The Beowulf was a Higlac's follower and the strongest of the Geats. When he heard what Grendel was doing, he decided to help Hrothgar. He chose 14 of the best geats to travel to Herot. They were prepared for everything. The mounted officer didn't want to let them in but Beowulf interceded, he let them go forward with their weapons and armours. They were guided and called to see the King. They deduce what Grendel's plan to make a strategy to defeat him.The Beowulf was eager to meet Grendel.
The Battle with Grendel
The Beowulf had to give up one of his geats to see Grendel's power. When he killed one of the geats, the Beowulf attacked him. Grendel got him but then he grabbed one of his arm. In that moment he knew that there was no man that had that strenght and he felt fear. He wanted to run away. The Beowulf and the geats captured him. They took him to Herot and it was a miserable journey for the writhing monster. The Beowulf killed Grendel and he kept the monster's arm. That night the Danes celebrated Beowulf's victory, but also Grendel's mother killed Hrothgar's closest friend and carries of her child's claw. The King was horrified and tells Beowulf about the two monster's and their underwater lair.
The Monster's Lair
In this part explains that the monster's lair is a hidden place with a lot of wind cliffs, rock where water pours and runs into the ground. It's a scary place you have never seen before. The King asks Beowulf to go to that place where Grendel's mother is hidden to save them again and he will be rewarded. Beowulf resolves to kill her monstrous mother and travels to the lake where she lives.
The Battle with Grendel's Mother
For hours he sank through the waves. When he got there the Beowulf had a big battle with Grendel's mother. He finished killing her at the lake. Everyone thought that he was dead because they saw a lot of blood on the water. However, the Beowulf was back on his feet. He was honored by Hrothgar. Then he and his fellows returned home. where eventually becomes the King of Geatland for fifty years. When a dragon menaces his kingdom, as an old man, determines to kill the beast.
The Last Battle
In this part, Beowulf was the only one that could hope to kill the dragon. He wanted the dragon's treasure, his gold and everything that was hidden in the tower. He was ready to fight with his sword and when the dragon got closer he throw shot fire. They started fighting but it seemed that he was not going to make it. His weapon had failed him. The Beowulf stared at death. But then a warrior named Wiglaf helped him in the battle. They killed the dragon, but the old king was mortally unrounded. As he dies, he asks Wiglaf to bring him the treasure of the Dragon.
The Spoils and the Farewell
Wiglaf went for the treasure, as Beowulf said, he found piles of gold, precious gems and a lot of valuable stuff. Wiglaf went back anxious to see his king alive, Beowulf told him that his time was gone, that he sold his life for that treasure and he sold it well. He told Wiglaf to help all his people with that treasure. The Geats burn their King's body on a funeral pyre and lament his death. Then they built a tower, as Beowulf had asked, strong and tall so the sailors could find it even though if they were far away. They left treasures on the monument, they were hidden and useless for men. Then 12 geats rode their horses to claim the glories of their King, crying that no ever king has ever lived.
Carolina López
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