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Thomas Jefferson

Prezi for the Presidents

DJ Rostron

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
Born April 13, 1743

Died July 4, 1826 Democratic Republican Todays Democrat 3rd President
March 4th 1801
March 4th 1809 (Two Terms) Made his home in
Montacello, Virginia Vice President(s)/ Cabinent Members: Aaron Burr and George Clinton (Vice Presidents)
Domestic Events/People: Meriwether Lewis and WIlliam Clark

-Lewis and Clark were explorers sent
out by Jefferson to explore the
Louisana Terriotory purchased from
France. Foreign Events Embargo Act

-Stopped all trade between America and other countries
Did this to remain neutral in European wars Ohhhh yeah! Marbury Vs. Madison

-This was a supreme court case in which the supreme court declared a law unconstitutional.
-Marbury was suing Madison over the Judictary Act (the way commisions are given to judges) Napoleon Bonaparte Great general and stratigist
Tried to conquer all of Europe Sold the Lousiana Purchase to America Vocab Vortex!!!! Judicial Review The power of the Judicial Branch to review the actions of the other two branches.
Ex. Mabury Vs. Madison FUN FACTS He was 6 feet tall and had red hair. His face is on the nickel and the $2 Bill!!! Louisana Purchase

-Purchase of the Louisana Territory from France.
-The Louisana Territory covered much of the present day central United States Let's Close with a Quote In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like rock.
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