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Big Nate I Can't Take It

No description

Tim Stark

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of Big Nate I Can't Take It

Thank You for watching this Prezi!
The Introduction
Hi my name is Nate and I would like to tell you about my life and how unique it is sometimes. but before that I would like to explain what I like to do. Well what I usually do is hope that that something unique will happen then I always do something unique then it happens the same thing every day. I also like scrap booking.
Main Characters
Nate: a 12 year old 6th grader telling the story about his life.
Ellen: Nate's sister and is 15 years old.
Dad: Nate's dad (really embarrassing)
Teddy and Francis: Nate's best friends (Francis is a boy)
Mrs. Godfrey: Nate's evil 6th grade social studies teacher.
Spitsy: Nate's dog.
The Begining
In the Begining Nate start's of pretty happy because he is on winter break. Which means he has more time to do stuff unique although it doesn't usually end well. It usually ends with him or someone else getting hurt or embarrassed. He also had more time to write funny comics in his scrapbook. Then he had to go back to school which he hated a lot. For two reasons. Reason one he can't do any unique stuff. Reason two(the most important and meaningful reason) because he has his evil social studies teacher named Mrs. Godfrey. If Nate could rate her 0 to 10 I 10 being the highest 0 being the lowest I think it would be -15,000,000.
The Middle
In the middle of the book it is spring so Nate does tryouts for several sports. His baseball team has a name that is (slightly funny) really embarrassing. the name is... The Doormats. Nate also has a problem with his Basketball team name the cats. Nate hates the name "the cats" because he really hates cats. A lot. The reason he hates cats is because His friend Francis Has an annoying cat named Pickles. they always argue about which is better. Dogs (Nate's dog named Spitsy) or Cats (Francis's cat named pickles).
Prezi by: Sotirios Maillis
Big Nate I Can't Take It
By: Lincoln Peirce

The Ending
In the end of the book it goes back to winter vacation and Nate is miserable because he thought that Mrs.Godfrey was gone forever. but got a new job and is teaching 7th grade social studies (Nate's class). Will Nate's luck ever change to being good. Find out by reading
Big Nate I Can't take it.
I rate this book 5 stars because it is filled with some really
Funny stuff, hilarious comics based on Nate's Unique (yet funny) life.
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