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captain kidd

No description


on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of captain kidd

pirate name
captain kidd
what type
started out as a buccaneer but soon became a privateer for the french
he drove aship called the antuiga but later drove a french vessal
William Kidd started out as a buccaneer he soon became a privateer for the french when his crew was close to mutiny he threw a iron pound bucket at his gunner.It fractured his scull and he died within 24 hours.His crew mutinied.The French took pity on him.They gave him a french vessel.He found his ship and took back control.In1699 he went to port and found out the french called him a pirate.They hung him for piracy in 1701
pictures of life
GOOGLE www.historytoday.com/richard.../execution-captain-kidd
born and die
he was born in 1654 in may 23 1701 he was hung and died

real name is william kidd
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