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Sun City Daycare

No description

javier hernandez

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Sun City Daycare

JAVIER HERNANDEZ Sandy is a social worker in the city of El Paso, Texas.
She works for the Texas Department of State Health Services, and her branch office is located in El Paso.Two days ago, two families reported that their children were being abused and neglected at Sun City Daycare facility. Sun city daycare is a privately owned business by Marta Sanchez. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in sociology with a minor in psychology and she is certified to own and operate a daycare facility in the state of Texas.
She has three other women who work with her. All three women are certified to work at a daycare facility. Combined, the three women have fourteen years of experience of working at daycare facilities with no complaints or citations issued against them. All of her permits and licenses are updated and check out. She has operated the daycare facility for four years. In these four years, she nor her daycare facility have received any complaints or negative credit ratings. The two families that have issued complaints about abuse and neglect toward their children have done so through the El Paso Police Department. None of the families are related biologically or through marital ties. The complaints center on their three children, two boys and one girl, the boys are five years old and the girl is four years old. The families of the three children have submitted evidence of abuse and have reported instances of neglect based on their children’s testimony to the local police department. Sandy will begin building her case profiles by visiting the daycare facility and the families that came forward. After two days of investigation into the claims of abuse and neglect at Sun City Daycare, Sandy has started to build profiles on the families and the daycare facility workers. Sandy's next step is to visit each of the families that have filed complaints about abuse and neglect and interview the children. A registered nurse will accompany her in order to examine, if necessary, the children’s physical conditions. Her first visit will be the families because she can see and evaluate the family's well-being. Her first questions will be to the parents followed by the children. She will separate the parents and will ask direct questions, this way she can tell if there is a difference in answers. Sandy will start her interview with the children by asking small unimportant questions so they can be relaxed. Sandy will be asking the following questions to children; *I notice that you have a bruise. How did it happen?
*You seem to get angry when I asked you that question?
*Where did this happen?
*Why did he hit you?
*What did he hit you with?
*How often does this happen? Sandy closes her cases with success after three months of investigating. The investigations prove that one of the daycare employees was the culprit. Martha, the owner, was not paying the workers on time. This had been going on for few months because Martha was going through financial problems with her business. This resulted in one of the employees to go into financial stress. The employee was also encountering problems at home with a drug dependent husband and three children of her own to take care of.
This led to the employee to take out her anger with the children at the daycare.
The employee was arrested, therefore, the families were grateful that justice prevailed.
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