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1960's The Outsiders


Lauren Garvin

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of 1960's The Outsiders

Flashback 1960's the Outsiders Madras Plaid The Pompadour Mustang Top 5 Bands Paul Newman TV Shows Our Presidents Madras Plaid was
for men and women
and a very popular out-
fit. In "The Outsiders",
the Socs, (Eastside Rich
Class) wore them. This Cool-Do
was all the rage
back then. Elvis
Presley wore his
Pompadour and
started it all! Vroom Vroom! Beep Beep! Does this look familiar?
A 60's mustang. In, "The Outsiders", the Socs would
be seen in a car like this, yet blue. Screen legend, superstar,
and the man with the
most famous blue eyes in
movie history. Bill Haley
Elvis Presley
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones Perry Mason 1957 - 1966.
Route 66 1960 - 1964.
Rawhide 1959 - 1966.
The Monkees 1966 - 1968.
The Saint 1966 - 1969.
John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson Toys Mr. Potato Head
Pick-Up Stix
View Master & reels
Paddle Ball
Silly Putty
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