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McDonalds as a Brand in Popular Culture

YorkU - 3rd year - 6 credit course

katherine ciavone

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of McDonalds as a Brand in Popular Culture

McDonalds as a Brand
in Popular Culture

McDonalds vs. Starbucks/Tim Hortons
Discussion Questions
What do you base your food purchases on?
How did Mcdonalds become part of popular culture internationally?
What culture(s) do we associate with this type of food? What does it tell us about the lifestyles and values of this culture?
Annette Appiah, Elayne Lo, Jennifer Atkinson, Katherine Ciavone, Laura Welch, and Rebecca Stanco
: McDonalds Bar-
B-Q Opens
: McDonalds is
: Ray Kroc's trip West
: Des Plaines location Opens!
: 1 Million Hamburgers Sold
: First Indoor Seating
: First Television Commercial
: McDonalds Goes International
: 119 Countries
McDonalds= Fat Food Industry
Example: Super Size Me (2004)

McDonalds trying to erase their
unhealthy stereotypes by.......
Marxist Brand in relation to Capitalism
- production through labor
-creation of environment and self through
-labor, forms of social organization, material
productions= central to Marxism
-make profit
-extract surplus from workers
Mass Culture
-misleading "healthy" ads
-advertising through generations
-convenience as popular culture
-selling convenience as a lifestyle
-Michel Foucault's docile body concept
“We want to move from beverages as an accompaniment to being a beverage destination “Our speed, our convenience, the value that we can afford to customers without quality comprise will make us a formidable player.” Don Thompson
Starbucks Latte Sm$2.70 M$3.25 L$3.55
McDonald’s Latte Sm$2.39 M$2.89 L$3.29
Starbucks Mocha Sm$3 M$3.55 L$3.85
McDonald’sMocha Sm$2.39 M$2.89 L$3.29
Starbucks Capp Sm$2.70 M$3.25 L$3.55
McDonald’s Capp Sm$2.39 M$2.89 L$3.29
-Low food prices
- Improvement/changes continually made in food products to accommodate consumer demands
-Food products that are suitable for all age groups, all races, and all classes (anyone can have mcdonalds!)
-Convenience (24/7, drive thru), speedy, filling, many locations
- Consistency in products at every store
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