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04.04 Civil Rights Assessment

No description

K Vang

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of 04.04 Civil Rights Assessment

A walk through the changes of our Rights 04.04 Civil Rights Assessment Brown V. Education Today's Civil Rights In this case an African-American father had wanted to send his child to a closer school. However the school had been segregated and his daughter was not allowed to attend. In the court case it was decided that this was unconstitutional. This meant that the Civil Rights proved equal to everyone, and that everyone was equal. When a poolroom business had been burglarized in Florida, it was said that Gideon had been seen on the property. When he was charge he requested for a lawyer however this was denied because the crime was not capital. This was later overturned by the Supreme Court because regardless a lawyer should have been given. this ensured later civil rights that a lawyer will always be given. Gideon V. Wainwright This amendment granted to Equal rights to all citizens including the Freedsmen. The Amendment was made because Jim Crow laws were repressing the Freedsmen and basically forcing the African-Americans to the old social stature. This Amendment ensured Civil rights to all African-Americans. The 14th Amendment When the 15th Amendment was establish this protected suffrage for Black males when the women had been fighting for years for suffrage. The 19th Amendment finally given them this right, stating that suffrage was the right of everyone regardless of age. The 19th Amendment These Acts now led to the Civil Rights that we are able to enjoy today. Today we are given a number of freedoms to enjoy without discrimination of sex or race. Today we can be free and protected as equals.
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