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First Day of School - 11th Grade Language Arts

A presentation to welcome my seventh grade students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Amanda Hendrix

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of First Day of School - 11th Grade Language Arts

2) If it is to be collected, please place it in the hw tray for your hour.
HW completed in your notebooks will be checked in class and MUSt be in the crate to be graded.
1) All hw will either be checked or collected.
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Be respectful
About Me
How to Get An "A" in Mrs. Hendrix's Class
About Mrs. Hendrix
First Year at Hulbert High School
Don't have access to a computer or internet at home?
* Work in the library before school, during lunch, or after school.
* Come to my class during tutorial to use a Chromebook.
Be respectful
Be honest
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly,
Beville Middle School
Attn: Miss Bauer
4901 Dale Boulevard
Woodbridge, VA 22193
Mr. and Mrs. Lee
123 Dale Boulevard
Timmy has been working very hard in math class! He's been coming to class every day, always raises his hand to ask a question, and helps other students. If he keeps up the good work I'm sure he'll have an A this year!
Mr. and Mrs. Lee,

Mrs. Hendrix
Be involved
Participate to the fullest extent that you can. Stay awake. Take part in discussions. Ask  questions. Answer questions. Stay on task. Take notes. Keep your head up. Do your  homework. Use class time efficiently. Listen. Watch. Participate.  
Do your own work. Do not cheat, and do not plagiarize. Do not attempt to  sneak around the rules. Avoid inventing excuses to cover up for your  mistakes. Accept consequences for your mistakes, and learn from them.
Strive for Progress, Not Perfection
Don't forget to call Ashley's parents about her disruptive behavior!
Help me!
Absent from
Late to Class
enter the room.
Sign your name in the orange binder.
take your seat.
2007- Bachelor of Arts in Secondary English Education - Northeastern State University
2013 - Master's in Educational Leadership - Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Reading, Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, and Binge-watching shows on Netflik
Be responsible
Be appropriate
Woodbridge, VA 22193
Pay attention when the instructor is speaking, and when classmates are speaking.
Arrive at class on time and with all necessary materials. Complete assignments on time, ask questions when necessary, and stay aware of deadlines. Be prepared for the start of class each day. Do what is right, regardless of what everyone else in class is doing.  
Be Responsible
Treat everyone with proper consideration, regardless of whether he/she is in the classroom at the time. Use respectful language, in writing as well as in discussions. Show respect for your environment by keeping the classrooms clean and neat.
All school rules are in place in our classroom.
like a
The American Dream Pursued
through American Literature
to Mrs. Hendrix's Junior English Class
Lessons Learned in Life
3rd time: Conference with Mrs. Hendrix.
2nd time: A warning.
When you
to break the rules, there are
1st time: Subtle reminder.
4th time: Contact with parents/
caregivers & lunch detention with Mrs.
5th time: Referral to administration.
Class supplies
Clean up your area & put items you've used in class back in their proper place.
Pack up your belongings, put notebooks in the crate, and stay seated. The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
Classroom Procedures
Come to class prepared (with paper, sharpened pencils, your composition notebook/folder.) every day.
Greet the teacher and enter our classroom.
Turn in any assignments due for the day.
Get your composition notebook from the crate, go to your seat, & take out your supplies.
Get started with the Bell Work as written on the board.
1. Writing and Grammar
2. The Puritan Tradition & The Crucible
3. An Emerging Nation: Writers of the Revolution
4. American Romanticism
1. Rise of Realism
2. Regionalism & Rationalism
3. Modernism & The Great Gatsby
4. Contemporary Literature and Of Mice & Men
Research, writing, grammar, literary terms, and vocabulary
1. Check the Calendar on Canvas for assignments you missed while absent.
2. If you have questions, see me during bell work or advisory.
3. Assignment due the day you miss = due when you return
4. Assignments you missed = due 2 days after you return day.
"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice."
- Brian Herbert
Alex Rodriguez
Class participation is an expectation! You will be asked to participate in discussion, give presentations, and read aloud. Refusal to participate WILL negatively impact your grade!
Class Participation
Extra Credit Assignments
Class Website
** Students will be sent to the office immediately for severe disruptions.
Let's see what some of the consequences are in Mrs. Hendrix's class...
Being Excused from the Room
•You may leave the room for emergencies only. Use your passing period to take care of business. If you do need to take an emergency restroom break, wait until I am finished with direct instruction. You must sign out in the orange binder by the door, take the hall pass, and sign in when you return.
Tahlequah High School
Homeless Education Coordinator for BPS
11th Grade English at BHS
Be involved
Be honest
As stated in the student handbook, cell phone use is permitted during passing times and lunch.  
Food and drinks are allowed during class as long as they do not become a distraction and you clean up your mess!
When you are working on independent practice activities in class, you are allowed to listen to music, provided you follow the guidelines listed below:  

* If I see your phone, you will have a choice:
Be appropriate
Conduct yourself as a mature, well-mannered young adult. Think before speaking, and make sure all contributions to the class dialogue are meaningful and pertinent. Take care of personal business when the time is appropriate. Use your privileges wisely.
- 3 Prong folder
- College-Rule Paper
- Composition book
- Supply for classroom
- Pen/Pencil, highlighters
* You will be expected to have your notebook and supplies for class each day.
You are juniors and should be able to manage your time and restroom breaks wisely WITHOUT disrupting the class.

Abuse of this privilege will result in students being issued hall passes with a specified number of "punches," or restroom breaks.
Late work will always be accepted, but will receive a grade of 50%!
It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to make up the assignment.
I do not give extra-credit assignments. However, I will give extra-credit points on assignments that have exceeded the requirements set forth. This will be explained in advance. If you think you may need extra credit, take advantage of credit offered.
Concerns? Talk to me during tutorial.
We will be using Canvas in our classroom this year. It is similar to Google Classroom or Edmodo, and you will be able to access your assignments, quizzes, tests, and grades in Canvas. More information coming soon!
Summative Assessments:
The Baseball Game
- Tests
- Essays
Formative Assessments:
Baseball Practice
- Daily Assignments
- Notebook Assignments
- Quizzes
- Homework
During class, phones must be turned off or silenced.
Phones must be kept PUT AWAY (pocket, purse, backpack), unless the teacher gives specific permission to allow phone use.
* We will take it to an admin after class, where it will stay for the remainder of the day.
* Place it in the Cell Phone Bag (it will remain on your desk for the rest of class)
You must use your phone/iPod for music only; no playing with it repeatedly. YouTube will NOT work for this! You must have music/app that will allow you to push play and put your phone in your pocket.
You must use headphones for listening to personal music, leaving one earbud out so all teacher instruction can be heard.
This privilege may be revoked at any time, for individuals or full classes who abuse it, at the teacher's discretion.
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