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William Wayne Thompson Vs Oklahoma

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kaela lumbra

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of William Wayne Thompson Vs Oklahoma

William Wayne Thompson Vs Oklahoma
Case Overview

On January 22, 1983 , Thompson, his half brother, and two friends set out to kill Charles Keene. On the early morning of January 23, Keene's neighbor, Malcom "possum" Brown was awaken by the sound of gunshots and Keene knocking on his door shouting "Possum, open the door. Let me in. They are going to kill me." Brown called the police and opened the door to Keene being beaten by four men. Keene was taken away in a car by the four men before the police arrived. Thompson and his friends shot Keene twice, cut his throat, chest and stomach, broke one of his legs, chained him to a concrete block and then threw him into a river. One of Keenes friends said that Thompson cut Keene "so the fish could eat his body". Keenes body was not found till about four weeks after the murder.
The Amendment
In 2005 the supreme court ruled that executing a murderer whose crime was committed at the age of 17 is constituted as unusual and cruel punishment under the eighth amendment. In Thompson v. Oklahoma the judge overturned a death sentence for the juvenile that was 15 at the time of being involved in the murder. For Oklahoma this case set a minimum age of 16 at which a juvenile can be executed. Under the terms of the 8th amendment. Some punishments are considered barbaric. The age of which a person is able to be executed has been changed by law to the age of 18.
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