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No description

maria monge

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of twitter

I think CNN falls into category 3, which is a profile that spreads breaking news. CNN falls into this category because it keeps us informed with the latest news that are occuring around the world. CNN recently posted :

Clinton Foundation
Kendall Jenner
I think the twitter account of ZARA goes under the 9th category because it tweets currently trending topics for example, what is going to be in style this season and keeps us updated on the best looks. There latest post was:
The Clinton Foundation is a foundation founded by Hillary Clinton. In the foundation's twitter account they ask people to donate and help their cause. This profile falls under category 6; and they recently posted:
The account of ESPN goes under the 8th category, which says that it entertains. I chose ESPN because they post live events, games, and scores to keep us entertained. This was their most current post:
Kendall Jenner's twitter profile falls under the category 7 because she is always updating her status to what she is doing during the day. Her last post was the following:
This five accounts that I chose showed me that twitter is used for many things. Sometimes for business, entertainment, communication, or sometimes just for fun twitter is a great social media. Twitter is great because its very simple and fast, but also gives you just the right amount of information to keep you informed and thanks to these types of profiles we are updated to what's going on.
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