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Voice Of Customer

Learn why just web analytics isn't good enough.

David Schuette

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Voice Of Customer

Voice Of Customer
The value of hearing from your visitors

Web Analytics
...pages were viewed on the site?
...order did they visit them in?
...channel did they enter the site from?
...amount of time did they spend on the pages?
...percentage of people took an action we hoped they would?
...pages in our funnel did people leave from?
...landing pages had the highest bounce rate?
Try to Guess
Test - What version leads to
the best conversion rate?
Add Content - Does new content get
traction in some areas more than others?
Bucket Visits - Create segments on the backend
for visits that saw a page or type of page
Link Data - Use an ID to tie in data we have
with web site behavior
...a person visited the site on a particular day
...a person did't convert on the site
...did they leave after just one page
...they thought their visit sucessful but our site measures did not
A simple survery can answer
these questions!
Generate Ideas - Future plans for the site
Improve Testing: Perform the right tests
Cleaner Data: Use segments to split visitor types
Identify Missed Conversions
In fact...

Integration with Google Analytics
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