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Greek Gambling

No description

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of Greek Gambling

Dice, and heads and tails were also common games that were simple to play and had 50/50 chances.

Gambling extended to the gladiator pits and chariot races and cheating and fixing games was a common practice.
Other games
Ancient Greek Gambling
Checkers is a game that was called ‘tilia’ in ancient Greece and in the Roman era it was called the game of the 12 lines. Scenes on pottery show that betting on animal fights (including chickens, birds and dogs) was also active and animals would be bred for that reason.

Two greek men playing Tilia
Women playing dice
Heads or Tails
Greek Gambling
Most ancient Greek authors and philosophers condemned gambling and they mention that at some point gambling became like a plague resulting in government measure to reduce gambling.

How to play
Summary - Talks a bit about past Greek gambling and how it has not changed. There is an official "horse-racing" license in Greece now that has helped boost the economy.
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