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How to Use Google Earth

this is going to be amazing

Cooper Gunnerson

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of How to Use Google Earth

A Presentation by Tanner Rydalch
and Cooper Gunnerson How to Use Google Earth You go to the top and along the bar has the place marks icon. How to Search . You go to the search tab and type in what ever you want. How to Make a Tour Look at this video: Just press Control+A How to go Into Street
Mode Click to little guy in the top right and drag him to where you want to be. And if you double click at a certain point you can travel there faster. How to put place marks down How to Enter the Flight Simulator To exit just press the exit flight simulator button. On the right hand side it tells you how high you are. On the left hand side it is your speed. Night And Day Animation To use the night and day animation just use the button at the top depicting the sun rising over some mountains for a real-time image of night and day on Earth. How to view the Moon,
Constellations, Mars There is more than just the Earth to view. you can view, Mars the moon and constellations from our sky from Google Earth. Click the planet button and choose which one you want. Going Back in Time You can view satellite images from different times. Click on the clock on the top. A slider like this will
appear. This is how
you navigate through the different dates of images. Directions You can get directions using Google Earth. Go to the directions tab on the left side of the screen. Type in where you want to go in the bottom search bar and in the top type in your current location to get directions. Now we are done here. How to find Businesses You go by the search bar and open up the find businesses tab. How to see the weather You go down below the search tab and and find the weather and double click on it. It will show stuff like clouds and stuff.
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