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The Flood of 1972 in Randall, Minnesota!

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Nathan Adamietz

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Flood of 1972 in Randall, Minnesota!

-July 21-22, 1972
-12 days prior, they received 7" of rain
- For several days the major highways (excluding Highway 35) were all closed

Randall, MN
Randall, Minnesota is located in central Minnesota. 40 miles north of St. Cloud on Highway 10. It is a small town surrounded by farms. Randall was built on the BNSF railroad and has the Little Elk River running through it.
Areas affected
Areas affected (cont'd)
The hardest hit areas were near the Mississippi and Little Elk Rivers.
What Caused the Flood?
According to the National Weather Service there was an overnight rainfall between 11-13" of rain on the night of July 21. This amount of rain combined with the already saturated soil from the 7" of rain that fell 12 days before. The 11-13" that fell was the second largest rainfall in Minnesota history. All of the excess water from north of Randall flowed into the river causing it to flood.
Long Term Impacts
The flood caused around 20 million dollars worth of damage to the communities of Randall, Little Falls, and Fort Ripley. Fortunately, most of the damage was repairable and no one was injured. There were 3 or 4 houses in Randall that were damaged to the point of needing to be rebuilt. The crops were not damaged too severely from all of the flooding and there were no reports of livestock dying.
The Flood of 1972 in Randall, Minnesota
Randall was closed down for a couple days because there was too much water to travel through town. The Little Elk River flooded covering Highway 10 causing it to be closed down for a couple days and all traffic had to be rerouted around the outside of town. 3 or 4 houses in town were damaged to the point that the owners had to rebuild. Also, some businesses had to make a lot of repairs before opening again.
Personal accounts
Ron Adamietz was seven years old at this time and was able to recall several stories from the day after the rain. He lived on a small farm out in the country 20 minutes northwest of Randall.
"I remember looking outside and seeing water everywhere. All of the lowland had filled up with water and the roads were washed out. We went over to the neighbor's house with the tractor to help them get everything out of their barns so they wouldn't get destroyed."
Personal Accounts (cont'd)
Jack Deick lived on the same farm he lives on now and remembers the trip into town to bring milk to the creamery vividly.
"I tried going south on Highway 10 to get to Randall, but the road was completely covered in water. I then tried to go north and take back roads to town but they too were washed out. Finally, I went home and got a board to use to lay across the washed out areas in the road in order to get across them."
To provide details on the flood of 1972 in Randall and the surrounding areas. Also to provide perspective on what it was like to be there on July 22, 1972.
General Info
Silver Lining
Thankfully, there were no injuries inflicted by this flood. The communities were brought together as neighbors helped one another to get back to normal. Finally, this flood helped bring the town an identity and stories that can be passed down from generation to generation.
By: Nathan Adamietz
"Grand Daddy of Flash Floods". nd. Weather.gov. National Weather Service. Web. 10 March 2014. DLH Webmaster
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One family lived in Randall near the river. Their house was one of the four that were damaged severely. The family then built a house outside of town because they had lost everything in the flood. They were fortunate enough to have help from the Red Cross as well as the generosity from other members of the community. They also had to deal with repairing all of his buses in time for the start of school less than two months later.
"The people are pretty good when it comes to helping someone in need around here... It was a hard time because school was starting up in another month or two and we had to get all of the buses repaired before then... A lot of people had hardships at the time... The Firefighter had to carry my wife and kids out to the truck because there as so much water."
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