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Copy of Family tree

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movie happy

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Family tree

Before the gods and goddesses we all know well, there were...
Chaos, The Titans and the whole nine yards..... Kronos Rhea Zeus Hera Poseidon Hestia Demeter Hades "Mortals see death as such a truly dreadful thing that they dare not speak my name...." "I brought Persephone, daughter of Demeter, to my abode and named her queen of the underworld.....I do truly love her, despite my reputation as a fierce god....." “Both Poseidon and Apollo requested my hand in marriage, though I gently turned both of them down....I donned my veil and went before my brother Zeus to share with him my deepest feeling on the matter. I did not then and neither in the years following these events wish to be bound to another. So it has remained. Ever after have I been devoted to my hearth.” I was the first born of my siblings, making me the oldest, but I was the last to be disgorged by our father Kronos. Goddess of the hearth "Me? I’m a diehard fan of the Greeks while Zeus favored the Trojans. Pshhh. The Greeks won the war didn’t they? You see, the Trojans are a truly unscrupulous lot—refusing to reward a god for his work. I built a wall for that ungrateful Trojan Laomedon, and he refused to pay up, even threatened me and Apollon. Argh! Just speaking of this injustice burns me up. I almost wish to set another sea monster upon them!" “As god of the seas, it is inherent that I also love the water and all which relates to it. I may use my trident, a gift from the Cyclopses, to calm raging storm and grant sailors safe passage. Horses are another passion of mine. In fact, I created the dear beasts when Athena and I were in conflict over Athens." "Thanks to my mother’s clever trick, I was able to cause my father to disgorge my siblings, and I led a hard, decade long war against the Titans who we eventually drove into the pit of Tartaros. Thus began the age of the Olympian gods and my time as ruler of the skies.” “Being the king of the gods is no easy task. There are always beings who wish to go against me. For instance, I defeated both Typhoeus and the giants who wished to conquer the heavens and Olympus. Prometheus also suffered my punishment for tricking us gods and for his theft of fire." "As you must understand, keeping order against all these rebels makes one weary, and I wish to have a bit of leisure from time to time. My wife Hera is a very stiff and angry woman and simply does not understand the position I am in. If I associate with other goddesses or women I must always disguise myself in another form, usually some species of animal. From one of these relationships was born my favorite son Heracles which greatly upset Hera. " "I am Hera, goddess of women and marriage, of the sky and starry heavens...and I believe I need a better husband. I do not deserve all that Zeus puts me through!!" "Bearing Athena without me, and out of his forehead at that! As if he is so great. He insults me, the goddess of marriage. I suppose I mean little to him, since he, a man, wishes to bear his own children. An insult to women everywhere!" Athena "I am the goddess of war and its strategies. I am not to be confused with Ares, god of war. That god is a bloodthirsty fool." “I also founded the city of Athens, which is named after me. Poseidon wanted this land as well, but I laid first claim to it by planting an olive tree there. " “Do not misunderstand me; though I am the goddess of counsel and war, I also possess an artistic side. I created the first flute from deer bones and could play it well. When I asked Hera and Aphrodite to listen to my playing, they ridiculed my appearance, saying I looked so dreadful with my cheeks puffed out so. I did not believe them at first, but I glanced my reflection in a pool once as I played. I tossed the thing away. I could not stand to be mocked by Aphrodite and Hera, who also competed with me for the prize of the golden apple. It seems I am always finding myself against them in some way." "I don't care! He doesn't deserve her! She is beautiful, and he is a pathetic cripple." He kicks the dust in anger. "But at least we got in a lot of cuddling while we were in that net." Ares smiles, "that dumb Hephaestus, trapping us in a net together. What did he think was gonna happen?!" ARES "Athena seems to think herself so much better than me, with her strategy and whatnot. She can't simply enjoy the thrill of battle for all her plotting. A god has not lived until he has ripped out another's entrails! " "I was cast from Heaven--twice. Once by my own mother. Then by my supposed father." "No one wanted me--not my mother, not my father, not the other gods, and not even my wife and love, Aphrodite. She was too good for me. Ares--the strong, confident, and impressive god of war--was more of her taste. I was abandoned because she favored him." "At one point, I became curious as to my origins. I knew that Hera was my mother, but she refused to tell me who my father was. In response, I crafted a cursed throne which would trap whoever sat in it. With this, I trapped Hera and refused to release her until she revealed the truth to me." Hephaestus god of fire and metalworking Dionysus "Throughout my childhood, I had many caregivers, one of which was Hermes. I think of the messenger god as a doting caregiver who attended to me faithfully. However, there were many others, and during my childhood I was brought up as a girl."
"If you’re the type of person who detests winter, then you need to take that problem up with Zeus and his brother Hades, not me. I may be the goddess of grain and agriculture, but if it had not been for the plotting of those two, you might be able to enjoy a year round growing season." “Many mortals suffered during this time—the first winter—but I questioned why anyone deserved life and happiness when mine had been stolen away." “My dearest daughter Persephone was out in the fields gathering flowers when Hades laid eyes on her and was enchanted by her beauty." "He abducted her and carried her to the underworld to be his bride." "She could never truly be mine again, for she had tasted food from the underworld—a single pomegranate seed—and so had to remain in that solemn place for a portion of the year." Persephone Artemis Apollo "Aphrodite! Yes, I let her use my war chariot sometimes. We enjoy romantic drives together while I give her tours of the battlefields of recent conquests. She is like the fire lily, blooming in the ashes after the flames of destruction have died. Her beauty shines brightly against the desolate plains covered in headless corpses."
"There are many differing accounts among both humans and gods as to my origins. Many describe me as a son of Zeus, though who my mother is ranges from Demeter to Iris; however, others claim that even my father is some god other than Zeus,"
"It's a habit I can't shake. I simply love feminine things! They're so cute!" “I came from the sea,.....from the remnants of Ouranos after they fell from the sky. I emerged from the waves a beautiful maiden and walked onto land, grass and flowers sprouting with each step. I entered into the assembly of the gods on Olympus and soon became the envy of all." "Hephaestus won me as his prize when he turned himself into Zeus at Dionysus’s advice." “Ares and I kept our love aflame despite Hephaestus, but my husband soon discovered our secret." “I am the goddess of the hunt and the wilderness. I am the protectress of the female child until the age of marriage and also assist during child birth.” “I am the god of music, song and poetry. I too can send disease and plague to the land of the mortals, though my forte is mostly men....I protect the boys and groom them into strong husbands...." “It is true that I have been given the gift of sight from Zeus and could tell you of tomorrow’s promise. It may not help me block your arrow, but no matter, archery is also under my reign." But our story begins many years later...... Product of Zeus and Hera Product of Zeus Product of Hera Believed to be Product of Zeus and Semele “Our mother was near labor,.......she came to rest on the island of Delos. There she gave birth to me and I leapt up to help her deliver my brother. There I became the goddess of child birth.....” Product of Zeus and Leto Product of Zeus and Leto Product of
Zeus and Demeter The End
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