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Use of technology

No description

Gam Tanchookiat

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Use of technology

Use of technology
online research
The first step is to research our ideas online and start to develop them into themes. We used many resources for this step eg. yougov profiling for the audience research and tvtropes.org to find themes we could explore in our thriller.
we also watched tutorials on how to edit a visual effect eg, double exposure, spinning effect to use in our thriller opening. This was inspired from the opening scene of the movie "Insidious". We then tried it out using the editing program adobe premiere.
Filming process
we used a high quality camera to shoot the footage. we did not use any other external audio equipment as the opening scene does not includes any dialogue so it was not necessary. We used a tripod and relied on the lighting of setting to help us film throughout the day which we found was relatively successful.
A lot of the planning was done on paper, eg storyboards, meeting notes, brainstorming but was then transferred onto our blogs. However we also used filming to record these along the way where we made a "filming day" video and a time lapse of us working and discussing ideas. As a team we stayed connected and updated with each other through social media eg. facebook where we decided dates, meeting place and also delegated tasks here.

After multiply tries of filming and editing the footage we found that with the spinning effect as well as zooming in at the same time cause the clip to become pixelised. We then used a 4k camera to film instead as it has a much higher resolution to a normal DSLR. With this attempt we were able to get a clear shot without blurriness.
post production
The main editing software we used was adobe premiere so all files were imported into this. It maintained he quality of footage where videos were in mp4 files and music in mp3. After editing the footage, sound, effects we exported the file into Imovie which was used to make the credits. This is because we found that Imovie was easier to use to create the credits and it also provided the format we wanted and suited our thriller opening scene.
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