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PriceSpider is a price comparison service engine. This allows consumers to search online retail websites for product reviews, prices, descriptions, price history, and many other things.

Trey Senn

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of PriceSpider.com

PriceSpider.com Purpose Have you ever been searching for an iteme to purchase online and felt like you could find a better price? You need PriceSpider. Say we are looking for a an iPod touch... Here, we see that there are a couple of options for iPod touch. It also has a couple of reviews in the form of a star ranking as well as a number on a 5 point scale. We will be looking for a 8 GB model. These models can be found ranging from $171-$321. We are of course looking for the lowest price so, naturally, we click on that price range to find out where to purchase this model for $171. It can also be seen that these prices are dynamic and have been verified. This shows how PriceSpider gives you many different quotes from different sellers as well as the lowest price you could purchase for. You can read reviews as well as price history to find out trends for the particular item you are searching for. From there, it is all about how you want to use PriceSpider to better your online shopping PriceSpider.com Trey Senn This website is free to use and a huge edge to have when online shopping. The only thing that I can think of that PriceSpider can get out of it is seeing what you look at and what people are interested in and then mining that information to market research groups.
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