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Engineering Portfolio 2011

No description

Alvan Crittenden

on 11 January 2012

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Transcript of Engineering Portfolio 2011

Engineering Portfolio Alvan Crittenden About Me Name: Alvan Rashod Crittenden Born from Opelika, Alabama 2/16/95 live in a family of three including me, and oldest of two including me im a big gamer and do BMX i live in Lithonia, Georgia and go to Arabia Mountain High my hobbies are to BMX, play games, watching Le Mans race cars and drawing my sister goes to Salem Middle and my mother works at Emory as a secretary my goals are to be a gamer designer and get my degree at DeVry or SCAD year 09-10 i have a green personality, whichs mean knowledgeable,
complex, and would rather work by myself for a group
assignment, and could care less about feelings or what anyone
says about something. year 10-11 year 11-12 more things you should know, i am a very
quiet person, i dont like feelings nor showing
showing them. Balloon powered rocket racer: Cell Phone Holder: Sketching Desk Organizer Towers(straw, paper, paperclips) Adobe Indesign AutoCAD Adobe Photoshop Design Squad Pattle boats Propeller Car Inventor Electronics(snap circuits) Scoreboard

Radio/fm receiver

Series vs parallel lights


Kitchen with two way fans Design Squad Moon Rover Putt Putt Boats Fluid System and Air Pump Pneumatic system
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