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HW: English Civil War

No description

Luke Bailey

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of HW: English Civil War

HW: English Civil War
English Civil War
-In 1625, Charles I of England claims divine right and complete control over England. Parliament is displeased.

-Charles dissolves Parliament in 1629 and rules for 11 years without it

-In 1640, Charles brings back parliament to approve funds to fight Scotch Calvinists. Parliament then tries to execute Charles' ministers. Charles then tries to arrest parliament members, but they ecape out the back door.
-Parliament and Charles both raise armies (Roundheads vs Cavaliers)

-The Roundheads, led by Oliver Cromwell, gained victory and captured the king.

They then cut his head off.
-Oliver Cromwell then takes power as dictator

-He bans Catholicism and enforced "puritan" laws (Church was mandatory, dancing, gambling and theaters were banned)

-Encouraged literacy in order to read Bible

-After Cromwell died in 1658, Parliament returns and Charless II takes the thrown.
-Sets precedent in England that Parliament cannot be overthrown by the king
Glorious Revolution
-In 1685, the new English King, James II, takes the thrown- he's Catholic!

-Parliament sends an email to James' daughter and her Protestant husband William of Orange, king of the Netherlands (who was Protestant). They ask him to come be king.

-He shows up and James II runs away. Pretty funny.

I am grading your tests right now.

While I am grading your tests, write ONE paragraph (but a long one, like 5-7 sentences) explaining if you agree with Immanuel Kant's idea of government/enlightenment OR NOT and WHY
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