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El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent (1891)

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cherisse achurra

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent (1891)

Privations in Ghent July 5, 1891- Rizal left Brussels for Ghent
1. The cost of printing in Ghent was cheaper than
Brussels and;
2. To escape from the enticing attraction of Petite
*Jose Alejandro (from Pampanga) & Edilberto Evangelista (from Manila) - The Printing of El Filibusterismo -both studying engineering in the world-famed University of Ghent F. MEYER-VAN LOO PRESS, No. 66 Viaanderen Street
-willing to print his book on instalment basis
-Rizal pawned his jewels; became desperate
-Rizal received some money Basa and P200 from Rodriguez Arias

August 6
-the printing had to be suspended
-he wrote to Basain Hong Kong. Valentin Ventura in Paris - sent necessary funds. Ventura, Savior of the Fili The Fili Comes Off the Press September 18, 1891- El Filibusterismo comes off the press.
-Rizal now a very happy man.
-Immediately sent on his date two printed copies to Hong Kong- one for Basa and the other for Sixto Lopez. Valentin Ventura- Rizal donated the original manuscript and autographed printed copy.
Blumentritt, Mariano Ponce, G. Lopez Jaena, T.H. Pardo de Taverna, Antonio and Juan Luna and other friends. La Publicidad - a Barcelona newspaper, eulogizing the novel's original style
El Nuevo Regimen - serialized the novel in its issues of October 1891. First Edition (Ghent Edition) of El Filibusterismo were placed in wooden boxes and shipped to Hong Kong, but almost all the boxes were confiscated and the books were lost.
Ghent copies were sold at very high prices- 400 pesetas per copy. Chapter 19 El Filibusterismo
Published in Ghent (1891) END :p
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