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Nikola Tesla

No description

Kiet Duong

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Author: Carol Dommermuth-Costa
Copyright date: 1994 by Lerner Publications Company
Pages: 134
Nikola Tesla - A Spark of Genius
Author: Nikola Tesla and David H. Childress
Copyright date: 1993 by Adventures Unlimited Press
Pages: 351
The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla
about me
Djouka Tesla
Milutin Tesla
Angelina Tesla
Milka Tesla
Marica Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Born on: July 9, 1856
Place: Smiljan, Croatia
Child of the storm
D.O.B. and P.O.B.
Died on: January 7, 1943

Place: New York City, NY, U.S.
I am dead.
The cause of death was heart failure due to old age.
Dane Tesla
Education and Interests
Finished high school in 3 years.
Studied at Realschule, Karlstadt in 1873.
Polytechnic Institute in Graz, Austria.
University of Prague.
Nicola Tesla and the Taming of Electricity
Author: Lisa J. Aldrich
Copyright date: 2005 BY Lisa J. Aldrich
Pages: 150
Places that I've studied at
was fascinated with electricity.

still love to invent mechanics

interested int studying direct current and alternating current.
worked at a phone company for some time.

studied in and experiment with many turbines to produce electricity.

fantasized about placing a giant turbine in the Niagara Falls.

became engineer and inventor.
Early Life
Arrived at New York City IN 1882

Wanted to seek Thomas Edison.

Recommended by Charles Batchelor, Edison's friend.

Try to develop an AC motor.
War of the Currents
only visualize and make changes/calculations in my head.
never build prototype of my inventions.
I thought of so many inventions that many of them were never built.
Introduction to DC
DC stands for direct current.

My professor brought in Thomas Edison's motor that produces direct current electricity.

I immediately thought of alternating current electricity.

Professor Poeschl said it was preposterous.

Spent most of my life proving him wrong.
Importance of my education
extremely crucial for my career.

all my work is based on the education that I've received

my education is my life.

needed in order to fulfill my interests.
Thoughts and facts about DC
Thoughts and facts on AC
AC stands for alternating current.
much more efficient than DC
cost less to build.
could generate high voltages for long distances without getting weaker.
a lot safer than DC motor
Mark Twain in my laboratory
Joseph Jefferson (left), Me (middle), and Mark Twain (right), in my laboratory.
Robert Underwood Johnson (right) in my laboratory. Me on the far left.
Moving to America, I've made some friends.

Mark Twain, a famous American writer, was a very close friend with me.

My friend and also my professor, Charles Batchelor, recommended me to Thomas Edison.

Joseph Jefferson, a famous American actor and comedian.

The poet Robert Underwood Johnson.
Joseph Jefferson
“I know two great men, one is you and the other is this young man.”
Working with Edison
Worked with Edison for one year.

Edison was impressed with my skills and knowledge.

Edison refused to help me with my AC.

Edison tricked me into fixing his DC.

I immediately resigned and started to work on my AC motor.
Late 1800s-early 1900s

Mr. A.K. Brown from Western Union Company invested my idea of AC.

I finally invented an alternating electrical current motor.

Edison became mad and showed the deadly side of AC.

Millions were spent by both sides.

My AC won in the end.
Father passed away
Propeller powered by June bugs.
Later Life
going wireless.

more inventions.

tried to get electricity for every one around the world.

gave lectures at New York City.

gained popularity and respect.
Tesla coil

The radio

Remote-controlled boat




Major Frustration
Edison tricked me.
Greatest Disappointment
The incomplete process of building the first broadcast tower due to J.J. Astor death on the Titanic.
Events that affected me profoundly
The Death of Milutin Tesla
lost a mentor and a father.

had to stop attending university.

family went into a financial crisis.

became the man of the family.
War of Currents
proved to people that AC is, indeed, real.

proved that AC is more efficient than DC.

other scientists and inventors took me more seriously.

I gained popularity and respect.
Edison's Propaganda
Invented the electric chair using AC.

He showed people how dangerous and deadly AC could be.

Used people and animal to prove his point.

Some people began to abhor me.
Death of J.J. Astor
Lost a major investor.

The broadcast tower was left unfinished due to his death.

My final tribute to improve the world was incomplete.
Financial Status
I was very poor until I invented the AC.

I didn't have enough money to execute my experiments or to build my inventions.

I was always looking for investors.
Before AC
After AC
Money was abundant.

I had enough money to carry out experiments.

More money = more inventions.
George Westinghouse

J.P. Morgan

J.J. Astor

A.K. Brown
My Financiers.
Westinghouse (right) and I (left)
Meeting with Thomas Edison
He was my idol.

He tricked me.

I suffered a year of hard labor.

He was the motivation that I needed to invent my AC.
I immediately resigned.
Greatest Accomplishments
Invention of the AC Motor
Financed by A.K. Brown.

Desperate to prove that AC is real and more efficient than Edison's DC.
The X-Ray
Wanted to help the doctors in New York.

Thought of the invention because Robert Underwood Johnson broke his arm.

My designs combined with the work of Wilhem Rontgen produced the X-ray.
The Radio
Proposed a theory that there are electrical charges in the atmosphere.

Sound waves could be emitted if this layer could be reached.

Made a small scale of this wireless transmission and demonstrated it.

Later became known as a radio.
My invention of the radio was stolen by Guglielmo Marconi, and he was given all the credit.
The Niagara Falls' Power Generator
The author felt the need to write this book because she wanted people to know the real origin of the famous Nikola Tesla. She wanted to indoctrinate the hard-ships that this inventor encountered during his life time. She wanted to explain the significance contributions of this forgotten inventor.
The main reason that this author wrote this book is to particularly focus Tesla's life with electricity. The author elaborate Tesla's obsession with alternating-current. She also includes many inventions from the past to modern day that use Tesla's AC. She wants to show the complex connection between Tesla's AC and the world today.
I wanted to write this book so that students interested in engineering or inventing mechanics could learn from my inventions. The book contains many detailed sketches of the inventiond, along with vivid explanations of how the inventions work. I wanted to teach the readers the real inventor of these inventions that are still applicable to today's need.
The Family
My Interests
limited and ineffective power source.
cannot compensate for a growing world.
it could be replaced by AC.
leakage of electricity is common.
It was a dream come true.

George Westinghouse financed the project.

Hydroelectric Turbine

Produced strong electricity for many cities.
My Remains
My body was cremated and my ashed is contained in a golden sphere in Tesla's Museum, Yugoslavia.

My company "Tesla Electric Company" is still in business.
more comfortable around animals than humans.

shared my mother's love of invention.

invented many simple, yet ingenious inventions.

received mental discipline from my father.

isolated from other kids.
doing complicated math calculations in my head.
recite long poems after hearing it only once.
My Biggest Mystery
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