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Why I deserve a Border Collie

This prezi is about why i deserve a border collie from the litter that will be ready February 1st.

Hannah Margolis

on 12 December 2010

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Transcript of Why I deserve a Border Collie

Why I deserve a Border Collie Costs I know a border collie
or any dog will cost a
lot of money but I am
willing to help pay with
my Bat Mitzvah funds. Already known reasons You already said we could get a puppy.
It will help us get a fence put up faster.
They are the smartest dogs in the world.
We can get training help from Ted free (or in exchange for chores.)

Reasons you don't know but you should He might not have another litter so we need to act now.
They are very mellow and easily trained in the puppy stage.
They get syco around one year old but by then they are trained.
They will keep me in physical health.
We could train it to fetch Gary's slippers!!!
They are little cute fluffballs.
They are great herding dogs so it could keep Gary in line.
They are born to please. Health Care Don't worry about
the training thing, Ted
will save us. Pictures Please please please please pllllleeeeaaaaasssseeeeee!!! Take me home!!!
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