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The Forth Screen

No description

Allen Jiang

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of The Forth Screen

The Fourth Screen
What need does it fill?

Playing video games (PS4) fulfills our wanted for entertainment and fun, challenge from other players, boredom, emotional satisfaction, stress relief and more
How did it look when it was first invented?
How did it change over time?

Set for release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 is the fourth home gaming console released by Sony. However, unlike previous PlayStation consoles, the PS4 is not just for video games but offers a total entertainment experience, enabling you to watch movies, listen to music, chat with your friends, browse the Internet and much more!

Can it still be improved?
Yes, it can be improved by updating the browser or fixing bug / crashes.
Is it still an important invention?

Yes, because this console is not just another entertainment system, this console is capable to download more software used for many other uses like internet explorer, Netflix, Amazon, Crunchyroll and so much more. This console is all about the variety of entertainment and uses. One day you watch TV, the next you browse internet on it.
How has it impacted on the lives of people over time?
It has impacted people over time by giving people a taste of fun and a way to communicate online without leaving their home and playing games at the same time. This system is a great way to get new players to pro’s in just days, or for experts to keep enjoying their style of gameplay.
It is small and only comes in white,
the controller did not change much but
the console is like a thin plastic pencil box.
By: Allen Jiang
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