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I Want a Wife: Judy Brady. By De'Shaun Bowers

No description

De'Shaun Bowers

on 12 November 2015

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Transcript of I Want a Wife: Judy Brady. By De'Shaun Bowers

She aims her essay towards married men and women, women particularly trapped in "slavery" marriages.
Brady uses a sarcastic tone throughout her essay to humorously exaggerate the wants and desires a husband dreams of his wife.
She argues that women are treated unfairly in marriages and that it is wrong, degrading and women do not belong under the power of men. Her central argument is that women's roles in marriages are difficult and unequal to a mans.

Her purpose is to persuade women to take action and stand up for themselves, don't fall under the stereotype.
About the Essay:
Throughout the essay she highlights the traditional, selfish expectations that men have for their wives. She lets the audience know why she would like a wife of her own and goes into detail about the inequalities suffered by women.
De'Shaun Bowers
I Want a Wife: Judy Brady
I want a wife who:
Takes care of the children
Keeps track of all appointments
takes care of me and my physical needs
cooks/cleans the house

The list goes on and on, but she lists these things to show that saying "I want a wife" is much more simplistic than being one!
Rhetorical Devices:
Ethos: she establishes her credibility by saying "I am a wife" she was married for 11 years.
Pathos: she plays on the sympathies of what a wife must do; everything. She gets the audience emotionally involved this way and makes them get angry along with her.
Logos: she provides numerous examples and reasons why she wants a wife. She continuously shows that women's roles are unequal to a mans
Judy Brady wrote this essay to highlight the inequalities women suffered because of the selfish expectations of their husbands.

In the essay she portrayed herself as a husband and listed all of the duties she would expect her wife to perform.

In the end she says "My God, who wouldn't want a wife?" to pretty much sum up her message and purpose of the essay.
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