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DHCP in a nutshell

Ryan Moline

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of DHCP

?What is it and how does it work? by Ryan Moline DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Network protocol that enables a server to automatically assign an IP address to a computer IP addresses are required for computers to access network resources such as the internet, files and network printers Simplifies computer network configuration, alleviates the need for manual configuration DHCP can provide configuration parameters other than computer IP address parameters How does DHCP work When a computers is plugged into a network, it send out a broadcast that all other machines can hear on the network ( and includes its physical address (MAC address) so the DHCP server knows who sent the request. DHCP Discovery DHCP Offer The DHCP server responds to the computer request and sends the requesting computer an IP address, Subnet Mask, and how long the computer can use the IP address as well as the physical address of the computer. DHCP Request The computer responds directly to the DHCP server (unicast) requesting the address that was offered. DHCP Acknowledgement The DHCP server responds to the computer, authorizing the lease duration as well as any additional information the computer may have requested, the process is now complete. Possible Outcomes DHCP server declines the client request (DHCPNack)
Computer declines the offered IP address (DHCPDecline) Computer gives up the IP address at the end of its lease (DHCPRelease) Request for local configuration information only (DHCPInform)
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