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Diversity Today (V1)

No description

Ideas in Motion

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Diversity Today (V1)

Diversity Today:
What does it mean?
Why does it matter?

1951: Titanium Mill Product Manufacturer

1998: Advanced to Titanium Fabrication

Blue Chip Customer Base:
Lockheed Martin
United Technologies

: 2,500
Capital Investment
(Past 5 Years): $245 million
: 24, Canada, China, France, Japan, UK, US
(2013): $783.3 million

2013 Revenues: $346.6 million (44%)
Titanium Segment Overview

2013 Revenues: $436.7 million (56%)
Multiple machining, extrusion and superplastic / hot forming businesses in the U.S., Canada, and Europe

Engineered Products & Service Segment Overview

2015: 50th Anniversary of Executive Order 11246



Affirmative Action
Equal Employment Opportunity
Affirmative Action
Numbers oriented
Aims at changing internal demographics
Opens doors
Promotes access
Historically excluded groups including:
Equal Opportunity

All the complex ways in which people are different.
Evolves to Concept of Diversity
Current Status of Diversity Initiatives in Selected
Multinational Corporations
Best Strategies for Managing Diversity
Training and education programs
Mentoring programs
Career development programs
Outreach programs
Performance appraisal systems that are nondiscriminatory
Organization policies that mandate fairness & equity for all employees

Major Reasons Why Organizations Manage Diversity:
To improve productivity and remain competitive
To form better work relationships among employees
To enhance social responsibility
To address legal concerns

Creating a working culture that values the differences between people.

Requires individuals to alter their innate beliefs and behaviors, which is difficult, but yet more powerful.
Refers to a state of being valued, respected and supported

Current Status: Diversity & Inclusion
Support from the top! CEO is the most important diversity officer
Compensation of executives tied to diversity goals
Diversity & Inclusion director
Internal resource groups have business charters
Formal mentoring programs
Board of Directors is diverse
Spend their money with minority/women owned businesses
Partnering with multicultural nonprofits – on the board, volunteer
Philanthropy – giving to nonprofits
CEO statement about the importance of D&I on the website
Corporate mission statement includes diversity
Initiatives are constantly being measured against top companies
Sponsorship programs
CEO chairs the diversity council, meet quarterly
Review supplier diversity metrics
What Do They Do??!!

Best Practices
Top 50 Companies of 2014 per DiversityInc
Current Status
U.S. Manufacturing Sectors
“…Using your diverse workforce to create the innovative products, services and business practices that can set a company apart and give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Business Growth
What's At Stake – The Driving Forces

Point - Counterpoint
Lean-In vs.
Why Women Still Can’t Have it All

Diversity Initiatives at RTI
Current Status - RTI
Titanium mill products, including: Bloom, Billet, Sheet and Plate
Religious Belief
Political Belief
Sexual Orientation
Why Change to Diversity?
Multiple melt platforms provide for wide range of titanium alloyed products
Engineer, Design, Extrude, 3D Print, Precision Machine, Fabricate, Assemble, Kit and Install
Key Driver of Innovation, Foster Creativity
Attract & Retain Top Talent
Guide Business Strategy
Increase Productivity
Avoid Litigation

Demographic changes
Global marketplace
People are more comfortable being different
Diverse customer base
EEO and AA programs

“Due to legislation, there was a dramatic increase in the hiring of women and minorities in organizations, but they were treated like outsiders.”
The need developed to retain women & minorities: Awareness-based diversity training to all employees
Sexual harassment policies
Beginning of benchmarking
Linking diversity to the strategic plan

National Center for Research in Vocational Education, 1997

Our workforce is inclusive of multiple cultures, thought, ideas and backgrounds.
This is reflected in how we operate and enables our global success.

Center of Gravity
Promotions & Hiring
Leadership Positions
Industry D&I Roundtable
Talent Pipeline

Effecting Change
Dawne Hickton
Vice Chair, President and CEO
July 29, 2014

Current Status
U.S. Manufacturing Sectors

Current Status - RTI
National Origin
Factors influencing diversity initiatives in 1997:
Comparison of RTI vs. Manufacturing Sectors
% Women Workers by Occupation
"Face the facts of being what you are,
for that is what changes what you are."
Soren Kierkegaard
Danish philosopher
Later laws cover people with disabilities, veterans and age discrimination.
Comparison of RTI vs. Manufacturing Sectors
% Minority Workers by Occupation
Where are the Women at RTI?
EEOC.gov (2012 statistics)
EEOC.gov (2012 statistics)
RTI Statistics, EEOC.gov (2012 statistics)
RTI Statistics, EEOC.gov (2012 statistics)
Change starts from within.
Why Does it Matter?
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