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What is mobility?

Aad 't Hart

on 3 July 2010

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Transcript of Mobility

Mobility Making it work Live with my girlfriend in Delft
Degree in Engineering
15+ years of IT experience
5 years in an executive position ... and search for yourself I blog at: aadjemonkeyrock.com Start with a healty breakfast Check your news, status updates and business progress On a wide variety of devices You discover that traffic is dense ... and decide to go for a run Running while carrying one of your favorite devices Automatic updates your status to: 'out for a run'
Put your Unified Communications system on 'Do not disturb' Back home - Urgent messages Check in at the home office A quick video conference Just relax, no shower tunes A quick shower On your way to the office You value your safety and concentrate on the road
The navigation system will update you status with your estimated arrival
You are on 'Do not disturb' for most people The office is to meet people At home Apologies for the outfit
Resolving the most important issues

I'll take a quick shower and see you soon at the office Meet, coach, inspire and challenge people Connect, Your Choice! Introduction ... and I work A mobile day Mobility is... Public Private On Premise Hosted at a Service Provider
Supports multiple customers
Shared infrastructure
Costs benefits due to scale Hosted at a service provider or enterprise partner
Supports one customer
No shared infrastructure
More secure on sensitive information
More expensive Hosted in your own data center
Supports only you!
On your infrastructure
Maximum flexibility Synchronized local data or 'live' remote data
Synchronization is difficult!
What if the device gets lost?
Large variety of platforms
Version management and distribution

Native Applications Browser Applications Suitable for most platforms
Browser developments go fast (HTML5)
Always 'live' data
Need a connection
No data on the device Work any where at any place Aad 't Hart - Thank you! Mobiel werken, 6 Juli 2010
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