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Kentucky PM

No description


on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Kentucky PM

*Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 by Knob Creek.
History about Lincoln
* It's name is Mammoth Cave
* The governor is Steve Beshear
* Kentucky is mostly a democratic
* Kentucky is known for having one
of the most beautiful capital
buildings in the country.
* State motto, "United We Stand,
Divided We Fall," adopted in 1942
Kentucky PM
This was made by Molly, Sam, and ,Ella
This was created by Molly, Sam , and, Ella
By: Molly, Sam, and Ella
Hoped you liked our project for our Kentucky places!
* Abraham Lincoln and his family moved to Indiana from Kentucky in 1816.
* He was only 7 when he moved
* His cabin is in a national park
* Louisville Slugger Factory is from 1884
* During that time Louisville Slugger has sold more than 100,000,000 bats
* 60% of all major leagues baseball currently use Louisville Sluggers
* H&B moves into the new HQ and museum on Main
Fun Facts!
* State bird is the Cardinal
p.s. bluegrass is "blue" grass
* Kentucky is
known as the Bluegrass State
* State flower is
the Goldenrod
* State butterfly
is the Viceroy
* State Animal is a
gray squirrel
* State horse is a
* State fish is the Kentucky Spotted Base
* State drink is
* State fruit is a
State Honey Festival is Clarkson Honeyfest
* A peculiar place
* known as the worlds largest cave
* It has been 400 miles explored
these are pics of Mammoth Cave
* 1818 the remaining Kentucky land is purchased from the native americans
* 1860 Lincoln is elected U.S.A president
* 1883 The first Kentucky Derby is run
* 1800 Abraham Lincoln is born in a cabin near Hobgoblin Ville
* Kentucky is one of the Nations top coal producers.
* Tabasco, corn, and soybeans are still grown here and sold there today
* Kentucky produces cars, chemicals, industrial, machinery,clothing, and, electronics
* Another well known producer of the
state is the Thorough Bread horses,
which are specially Bread
for racing
* capital=Frankfort
* Abbreviation=KY
* Senators Rand Paul & Mitch Mcconnell
* Even thought Kentucky is the 14th smallest state, only 2 other states have more counties the governor serves 4 year terms , a law past in 1849 presents anyone who has fraught a duel from serving in this office
* Kentucky has a total area of 40,411 square miles (104,604 square KM)
* In this area falls,wich claims North Americas only moonbow (a rainbow caused by the moon)
* In the North west Kentucky is the western coal feild,were there are many caves.
* Kentucky's famous bluegrass region is in the northern area of the state
* Horses name=Orb
* Trainer = S.McGaughey
* Won in 2013
* Time that it took= 2:02.89
Kentucky derby
* it is Louisville
* is in Frankfort
* it is in a National Park
This is a political map of Kentucky
* this is a road map of Kentucky
* this is a weather map of Kentucky
* this is a physical map of Kentucky
Road map distances
* National Park to Louisville is 95
miles, 153 KM,1 hour and 32 minutes to drive
* Louisville to Frankfort is 55 miles,89
KM, and 56 minutes to drive
* Frankfort to Mammoth Cave is
128 miles, 206 KM, 2 hours, and
7 minutes to drive
* Mammoth Cave to Westerly Creek is 1,132 miles, 1821 KM, 16 hours and 33 minutes to to drive
This is the Kentucky state song
* Name = Joel Rosario
THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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