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Global Education

No description

Jennifer Tedford

on 13 August 2017

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Transcript of Global Education

Developing Global Innovators
What is it and Why Does it Matter?
A working definition: "educating students to be globally competent." Globally competent students are able to investigate, understand, communicate, and act on issues of global importance, including working oversees or in a global economy.
Globally competent students are curious. They want to learn about people from other countries and study global topics beyond their own environments. They are able to identify issues, form essential questions, identify relevant/reliable sources, analyze information, and draw conclusions from multiple cultural perspectives.
Global Innovator Challenge
Going Global...
Globally competent students understand that the world is bigger than their own school, county, State, and country. They understand that different cultures, thoughts, and beliefs impact a person's perspective. Global competence requires the ability to recognize, examine, explain and articulate different perspectives and how those perspectives shape outlooks/viewpoints.
Globally competent students are able to effectively communicate with diverse audiences. They recognize and respect how different audiences may have different meanings for the same information, and understand how that may affect communication. They are able to choose the right technology and media to communicate, which requires 21st century skills.
Students are able to take their findings and translate them into actions that will improve society.
So What Does it look like for teachers? How do we get there?
Assessing Global Competencies
Final Word
In an economically inter-dependent, cross-cultural, technology driven world, global education is definitely a requirement for a student’s future success. Corporations will continue to request globally equipped graduates. International schools are outperforming public schools state average assessments: 2011 PISA rankings show CA at 24% proficient in math and 21.5% proficient in reading, below the US 32% proficiency average.

"Turn & Talk"...how can we promote this focus and challenge to staff and students?
K-5 and 6-12 Categories
Connect 3 Disciplines
Apply the Global Competencies Framework
February 27, 2015 Deadline
District Recognition

Board Notes:...How can we improve this focus ...developing global innovators?
Innovative Practices Connected to..global skills:
The jobs of tomorrow influence our educational direction...
We are looking for innovative, interdisciplinary practices...
So...how do we harness change and leverage the possibilities?
So...how do we ensure globally competitive students?

CLASSROOM GAME DESIGN: Paul Andersen at TEDxBozeman: http://dotsub.com/view/3e4df63b-a587-4c51-b5f1-a8b9b773ed84

TWO MILLION MINUTES: A GLOBAL EXAMINATION: http://www.2mminutes.com/films/global-examination.asp
November 3rd PD Day
March 20th PD Day
Other PD Opportunities

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