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The Devil and Tom Walker

No description

Aleesha Phillips

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker
By Aleesha Phillips

Plot 1

Tom Walker takes a short cut through the woods. I included this in the plot events because a short cut can symbolize something bad happening.
Plot 2
He met the big, shady, black man with the axe. This is important because the black man is the devil who is one of the main characters in the story.
The Way out
Took place in New England in the early 1700's
Some events occur in a forest
It affects the story and reader by making the scene sound more scary and helping the reader get a better visual
Plot 3
The devil tells Tom about the treasure. This is important because this is what starts the chain of dramatic events in the story.
Plot 4
Plot 5
Tom searches for his wife and finds her apron with some of her body parts in it. This is important because it shows that the devil had taken her soul and tricked her.
Plot 6
Tom makes a deal with the devil to select people, take their money, and then send them to the devil. I included this in the plot events because it is the climax of the story.
Plot 7
Tom turns his back on the devil and begans living his life for god. This is important because this is a dramatic turn around in the story and one of the main events.
Plot 8
Tom had already sold his soul to the devil by making the deal with him, and the last he was ever seen was him getting away on the back of a black horse. I included this because it wraps up the story and tells the mystery of Tom.
Tom's wife figures out about the treasure and goes off to the woods to search for it. This is the event the changes the outlook and what happens to his wife and that is why it is important.
"The Devil and Tom Walker" explains to us that Washington Irving believed that greed was something that a lot of people had and that we should try to stop because it makes bad things happen.
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