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Games and Consoles

it's about games by samt, samf

sam year 5

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Games and Consoles

The mac is a pc that has the www,you can get diffrent types of mac's like an imac, and a macbook pro. The xbox 360 is a console that you can get
black & white that you can get xbox live
and microsoft office ponits to get stuff for your avatar,games and more.you can get diffrent remotes
the next xbox is the xbox720, there is a virus called
the ring of death The Wii u is a new games console that comes with a pad also you can put it on the tv so people can see what your doing. you can use wii games
but you can't use gamecube games.

The pad is like a xbox 360 controller and it has a touch screen.also you can put it on the tv so people can see what your doing.
My name is sam my favorite game is TANK! TANK! TANK!

The wii is like the wii u but without
the pad and can not use some wii u games By Sam,Sam The 3ds is a ds but you get 3d games on it and ds games you can turn the 3d off and on.
you can buy downloadable games from the e shop. WARNING:IT CAN MAKE YOU SICK.
3DSxl is a bigger version then the 3Ds.

ds means: dual screen hello Games&console The xbox 360 is a console that you can get platform games and war games and any other type of games
there is another xbox called xbox slim/xbox 720.

Dead island riptide is a new game and at the end everybody dies it is a first person shooter game

Mass effect 3 is a shooting game where you fight aliens and chase a assassin.
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