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Environment, exercise & asthma

No description

Pauline Bouillis

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Environment, exercise & asthma

II- What are the effects of environment? IV- How to treat asthma ? Long-term control medicines V- Conclusion Asthma affects mainly young children. Barel Jeanne-Lucie - Bouillis Pauline - Briand Marion - Bruneau Diane Environment, exercise & Asthma III- Exercise : what should I practise ? ASTHMA AND ENVIRONMENT Pollen


Chemical fumes 2) Outdoor environment
- Inhaled corticosteroids (most prescribed)

- Cromolyn

- Omalizumab (anti IgE)

- Inhaled long acting Beta-2-agonists

- Leukotriene modifiers

- Theophylline Quick relief medicines act quickly
only for a short-time
to relieve asthma symptoms that have already started

Main drug: Inhaled short-acting Beta-2-agonist What to do during an asthma attack? Calm the patient take the reliever inhaler If your symptoms haven't improved after five minutes,
or you are worried, call 999
Dust mites


Cockroaches 1) Indoor environment: • Tobacco smoke

The cigarette smoke is a risk factor for asthma attacks.

Cigarette smoke contains a number of toxic chemicals. Symptoms of smoke irritation = burning or watery eyes, caughing. • Pets

Many people think animal allergies are caused by their pets’fur.

In fact, the allergies are caused by the body’s reaction to a protein found in the animal’s dander, saliva and urine. Is it good to do exercise if I have asthma?

Exercise is :

-one of the goals of asthma treatment

-helps to strengthen breathing muscles

-recommended when asthma is under control Thanks for your attention Barel Jeanne-Lucie - Bouillis Pauline - Briand Marion - Bruneau Diane Summary I- What is asthma ?

II- What are the effects of environment ?

III- Exercise : What should I practice?

IV- How to treat asthma ? What are the airways of an asthmatic ?

Chest tightness

Coughing (especially at night)

Feeling short of breath 1) Symptoms Family history

Air pollution indoors and outdoors

Work-related asthma
Laboratory workers
Spray painters
Grain handlers 2) What are the causes of asthma?
-> Asthma triggers -> Asthma inducers 3) Diagnosis Take a detailed medical history

Do a physical examination

Test your breathing with peak flow meter What types of exercise are best for people with asthma? Scuba diving ? Football ? Swimming? What should I do to control my asthma when I'm exercising? 1.
Asthma inhaler before
beginning exercise 2.
Warm-up exercise, stretching 3.
Don't stop exercising
suddenly but slowly..
Chronic disease

incurable illness

Extra-sensitive airways I- What is asthma ? viral infection
an allergen cold air
exercise Struggling for breath

Blue rescue inhaler doesn’t help

Hard to speak

Pale, grey, sweating

Really tired

unconscious During an asthma attack Take a detailed medical history

Do a physical examination

Test your breathing with peak flow meter Diagnosis
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