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Survival by Scholarship

No description

Kristen Limb

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Survival by Scholarship

Survival by Scholarship Common Myths About Scholarships There are no scholarships for average people
Only athletes and geniuses get scholarships
My parents make too much money for me to get scholarships
Scholarships are only for new freshmen—I’m already a freshman and missed my chance
I’m not a good writer, so I can’t get a scholarship if it requires an essay What's keeping
you from the money? WRONG Where do I find scholarships? I’ve applied for scholarships before and never got anything.

They want essays and I’m just not a good writer.

Scholarships are so much WORK — I get student loans and Pell Grants with every year’s FAFSA? Where have you applied … Did anyone help you … Did anyone proof your essay Not know what to write … Not know who can help … No idea where to start But I've tried ... Know how much you’ll have to make to pay back loans?
What happens when you run out of loans and Pell but aren’t done with your degree? EOU Website
State Government Scholarship Sites
Local Community Organizations
Outside Scholarship Search Engines Oregon:
www.csac.ca.gov/ What's Your State? Community Organizations Clubs Employers Local Businesses Parent's Work (past or present)
Grandparent's Work
Your Work
Labor Unions Lion's Club
Elks Lodge
Masonic Lodge
Rotary Club
Optimist Club Soroptimist
PEO Sisterhood
Moose Lodge
VFW Any philanthropic organization Chamber of Commerce
Local Credit Unions
Farm Bureaus
Electric Cooperatives No Essays! ... I can't do essays! I'm just not a good writer ... Basic Scholarship Outline: All About You ...
Who are you? Where do you come from? What challenges have you faced?
All About College ...
Why are you in college? Why do you want to be in college? Why did you choose Eastern? What do you expect to gain from college?
All About the Future ...
What are your dreams, goals, aspirations? What are you passionate about? Use your writing resources ... The Writing Center
Professors, Instructors, Advisors
Scholarship Coordinator and Financial Aid Counselors Your essay is only as good as the number of people who review it for you. I never know what to write ... This is soooo much work! Is it really worth it? 2 out of 3 college graduating seniors in 2010 had an average of $25,250 in student debt.mappingyourfuture.org/paying/standardcalculator.htm

Graduates since 2009 have earned an average starting salary of $27,000. The situation is even more dire for those who have graduated since 2009. Fewer than half of college graduates from those years found their first job within 12 months of graduating. This means they need to make ... $43,000/year www.huffingtonpost.com article published 5/10/2012 mappingyourfuture.org/paying/standardcalculator.htm Work now or work double later?? What's your strategy? This is WAR! Apply to every scholarship you find … the worst they can say is no
Leave your scholarship searches very broad … the more specific the less matches you will find
DON’T Procrastinate your essay
Even if you don’t have scholarships to apply for yet, start writing your essay
Most scholarships close early spring
Use your resources … ask for essay reviews and proof-reading … let others help you master the essay Kristen Limb, Scholarship Coordinator
Financial Aid Office - Inlow Hall 104 Questions?? Finding and applying for scholarships
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