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Nowhere to Call Home by Nick Rich

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to Call Home by Nick Rich

Chapter 4-5
A historical fact that I had was Harmonica. A question that I had was why does Junius not want Frances to go with him? My quote that I had was "But can't you take me with you? Please Junius?" I can infer that Frankie doesn't want Junius to leave her.
Chapter 1
Historical facts that I got from this chapter was the Stock Market crashed, the Great Depression, and Black Tuesday and Black Thursday. A question that I had for this chapter was what caused the Great Depression? A direct quote that I found was "Is father ill?" A prediction that I got was that father was sick and is hurting.
Chapter 2
The location where Frankie was is Philadelphia. A fact that I found was that the banks were closing on houses. A direct quote that I found was "Men who once was millionaires are sellin' on the street!" Its crazy to see that people were once millionaires, were selling apples.
Chapter 3
Some historical facts that I found were "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Uncle Reimas Stories, The Call of the Wild, and Great Expectations. A important event that I had was that Mr. Fletcher handed Frances a train ticket to leave.
Prezi by Nick Rich

Chapters 8-10
Some hobo slang that I found was Lousy Anna. Important events were hard time hiding gender, Frankie does her first job, met other people including girls, Frankie sleeps in jungle for first time. A question that I wonder is how will Stewpot react that Frankie is a girl.
Chapters 11-13
Their location is Pittsburgh. Some hobo slang is Sand, the misery, reefer, and flipper. Important events that I found were the tobacconist saved 5 boxes of cigars for Stewpot, Frankie has to jump on a moving train for the first time, Frankie bought a knife, they found a boxcar full of oranges, and Frankie's bag was stolen.
Chapters 14-16
They are in Cincinnati. Historical facts I found are the cost of things and the flop house. Hobo slang are bug house, stewbum, drag, on the bum, ganders, bowls, and flopped. A important event was that Stewpot showed Frankie how to make toys.
Chapters 17-19
They are in Iowa. Historical facts are that girls are on the road, hobos are not vents are respected, criminals are fed better. Important events are Frankie told Stewpot she was a girl and Murph dies.
Chapters 20-24
Important events during these chapters are Frankie got Stewpot to the hospital, Stewpot dies, and Frankie finds Junius.
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