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No description

Janet Tarasofsky

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of JT

What do 'they' say?
Top 5 reasons to love the beauty industry
Janet lynn Tarasofsky
My topics
My Vision
My Mission
“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucius
Brands I have touched:
As a motivational speaker and an expert in beauty products, I want to inspire people within the beauty industry to exceed expectations and create the extraordinary.
A world without boundaries
I see beauty
Beauty: redefined
Janet is a multi- award winning public speaker. She lives in London, England with her daughter.
Contact: janettaras@gmail.com
Career: Strengthen and build a successful career in the beauty industry.
The beauty industry
Find your confidence through proper communication. Tools to use in realtime.
Public speaking with style
Beauty professional speaker
I see....
Leadership: The best female leaders in the industry. Why the Devil should never wear Prada.
Product development: How do yo make an unforgettable skincare product - The brand perspective.
Transform a nervous speech into a beautiful, unforgettable experience.
Learn how to leave a lasting impression.
A life without stereotypes
A society without fear
A mind that is wide

5. Experience has taught us that women associate ‘beauty’ with ‘confidence’. There is little doubt that skincare, make up or induging products can help us all feel better when times are tough.

1. Beauty products bring women together, like football does for men. No matter who you are speaking to – you can always find common ground in the world of beauty.
2. Beauty opens up a world of possibilities filled with playful colours, varied textures, and fun sensations.
4. The power of touch and desire to care about our physic makes us feel good about ourselves. Massaging creams into our skin, scrubing our scalps withrich shampoos and stroking our cheeks with a velvety brushes are therapeutic daily processes.
I have spent the last 15 years in the beauty industry creating products and marketing them in different parts of the world.
Why do I love it? Here are my top 5 reasons:
3. Playing with products bring us back to our childhood, a magical time when we dressed up and transformed ourselves into Rulers of the world.
‘Janet is passionate, creative, articulate and not afraid to question the status quo. She believes in diversity, mutual respect and an open mind.’
Amber Nicholls, Customer insights consultant
‘Janet is inquisitive, explores other points of view, driven, and extremely creative. Her honesty and compassion come through her speeches.’
Claudia Gordon, Head of EMEA Marketing, JP Morgan

Passionate, insightful, full of resolve and absolutely committed to making a difference that matters to other people. A great listener, with a remarkable intuitive grasp of 'what's really going on beneath the surface' - all too rare! Hugely resourceful and for women leaders, in particular, Janet is definitely one to watch.’
Simon Bucknall
Twice UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking

"Janet is a natural speaker and a popular member of the club. She's a regular recipient of our best speaker award and has a well-deserved reputation for delivering powerful speeches on important topics."
Glen Long. Past president Bloomsbury speakers/Toastmasters
As part of a new business initiative we recently started putting together some seminars to show our experience and interest in certain business sectors. With very short notice Janet prepared and delivered an incredibly insightful and engaging session on 'Making award winning beauty products'. Her style is warm and humorous. She is a natural public speaker and her session outshone the rest of the speakers, including myself. Thank you Janet, I hope that I can learn from your style of delivery and that many more people can benefit from your wisdom.

Nikki Austen - Head of Insight & Strategy - Webb deVlam.
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