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A Lead is A Hero and Someone Admired By All and Someone That People Will Follow With Out Question

Gina Bonfiglio

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Nana

Shirley R. Harrell (Nana), Beloved Wife of Chuck (Popie) Harrell; Devoted Mother of Olie, Wendy, Katie and "Other Mother" to Jennie Harrell.
Beloved Nana to Micheal, Angela, GinaMarie, Shirley Ruth, Leela, and Neena. Loving Sister of Margie Gallo, and much loved auntie to Marcus and Jacki. Shirley was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. She said, "Cancer is like having an alien living inside you." An Alien you cannot befriend, and in her case not have removed. So, she decided to keep living and not change her life. She said, "Why would I change anything? I love my life the way it is." Her fight and pain ended June 26, 2009. "Shirley made a staement by example. She lived with simple principles; Integrity, loyalty, kindness, and to keep your commitments. Forever the teacher, with patience and humor she would take a deep breath and say, "We can work this out."" ~Wendy Bonfiglio Taking a deep Breath:
Nana Respect Jennie Hoffman:
"For the duration of Shirley's fight I saw and heard nothing but bravery and loving her life."
I resepct my Nana becuase she was stong, and braved and no matter how many times life tryed to knock her down, she held her ground. Gina Bonfiglio: (exert from Loving from a Nana)
"She helped me learn right from wrong, to be myself, to dress as a want, (and to) get an education (becuase it will get you anywhere in life)"
I respect my nana for taking the time to teach a little one such hard life lessions. Mike Novak:
"Shirley was an inspiration to me and, I know, to others. ... We had to work hard to keep up to Shirley's work level and to push ourselves to her level of expected excellence, and we were better off for it. ... An impressive as her work etic... (She was) someone whoes opinion I trusted and relied on. ... she was upbeat, direct, and ready (and usally able!) to help solve a problem, whatever it might be."
Thats self explanitory Teaching Jessie:
"Sherley was one of the most influential people I ever met in my whole life. She was one of the wisest people I knew. ... She was a role model to me ... I learned so much from her and owe her so much ... I admired her so much."
To lead so many people though life, and to have them follow you as blindly, like Jessie did Nana, is to be a true leader. They listened to her and followed her becuase they respected her and that is a major quilty needed in leaders. Unknown:
"I've heard many recounts of her side-splitting and somewhat bizarre sense of humor, her unmatched intelligence, and most importantly, the care and love she gave to so many people (and the lessons instilled in them) ... She did indeed leave her footprint in the hearts of everyone she knew, and through these people she lives on: speaking her everlasting wisdom, sharing her hysterical wit, and brining love to the world." We Love You Nana "Keep On Keeping On" To Nana, I promise to, "Turn It Up"
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