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Propaganda prject

No description

Victoria Woloszczak

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda prject

Transfer Video
Name Calling Video
Glittering Generalities Video
Testimonial Video
Card Stacking Video
Bandwagon Video
Propaganda project
Testimonial Text
This ad is an example of testimonial. The message that is shown throughout this video is that Ashton Kutcher is using the camera so it is more appealing. This is effective because everybody wants to feel like they are a celebrity so by having this camera it makes you just like him. This is an example of testimonial because it uses Ashton Kutcher sell the camera. I got this from youtube.
Card Stacking Text
This commercial is an example of card stacking. The message being shown is that Verizon has the most coverage in the united states but it does not show the faults in Verizon or the good things in the other cell phone carriers. People won't look into the other carriers and think that Verizon is the best which makes this ad effective. Youtube is where I got it from.
By: Victoria Woloszczak
Bandwagon Text
Transfer Text
Name Calling Text
Glittering Generalities Text
Bribery Video
Bribery Text
This ad is an example of bandwagon. The message being conveyed through this ad is that McDonald's is America's favorite fast food restaurant. This is effective because throughout the commercial it shows people smiling and the jingle says it is cheap so people will see it and think that they can have a good time, eat good food, and not pay as much. This is an example of bandwagon because it says in the beginning that it is America's favorite so it is showing that "everybody does it so should you." I got this commercial from youtube.
This ad is an example of transfer. The message being conveyed is the car is like american freedom. This is effective because everybody wants America's freedom and that is what the car represents. This is an example of transfer because is shows something everybody likes by representing it with another object. I got this from youtube.
This ad is an example of name calling because it has two car companies arguing about which one can haul more weight. This is an example because they make fun of one another by calling the other company "weak" this is effective because a person looking to buy a truck is going to want the stronger one so he/she will go towards the stronger made truck. I got this ad off of youtube.
This ad is an example of glittering generalities because throughout the commercial there are words that appear and make the ad more interesting. This is effective because it catches the person attention and makes them want to know what the ad is about. This is glittering generalities because it has words that catch your attention but really don't have much to do about the product. I got this off of youtube.
This is an example of bribery because at the end of the ad it tells you that you get two items free which makes you want to buy the item more. This is an example of bribery because it bribes you with free stuff when it actually raises the price because of separate processing and handling. This method is effective because people don't realize the shipping and handling is higher. I got this ad off of youtube
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