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Hidden Like Anne Frank

No description

Alyssa Ripley

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Hidden Like Anne Frank

By Jaap Sitters
Bloeme Emden
Number Seventeen
best for young Adults
By Marcel Prins & Peter Henk Steenhuis
by:Rose-Mary Kahn
My Fathers Store
Rita was three when the war broke out. When her dad had to march into war, he saw how bad it was he decided to send Rita into hiding. Rita went to her dad's boss's house first but had to leave because someone recognized her. Then she went to live with her Aunt Marie and Uncle Kees, she felt at home there. When Aunt Marie got pregnant Rita took care of her and got her food even through the Hunger Winter. She stayed with them until the war was over. After the war her parents came and took her with them, which she was not happy about.
Hidden Like Anne Frank
The Stars that have gone away
By Rita Degen
Three Pianos
Jaap had a friend that he used to play with during the war and he continued playing with him during the war, like usual. One day Jaap's friend said to him "You're going to have to leave school, aren't you? Because you're a Jew." Then Jaap's friend just slapped him.
Jaap's mother cut the stars off of his jackets. Then Jaap got sent on a fifteen mile walk to a relatives house, alone, in the dark.
I'll go fetch her tomorrow
By Jack Eljon
Thank Goodness they were all boys
by: Lies Elion
Where are the Jackets
by: Maurice Meijer
Uncle Henk's Children
by: Seiny Kattenburg
Aunt Nelly
by: Leni de Vries
As long as you get Married
by: Benjamin Kosses
Older Than my Father
by: Michel Goldsteen
by: Lowina De Levie
Johan Van De Berg's in love with Lenie Visserman
by: Johan Sanders
Years of Tears
by: Donald De Marcas
Other Stories in Hidden like Anne Frank
include the following
There are pictures in
the book
Anne Frank
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