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Mark Egan Autobiography

This is my "for fun" account. The one for school got deleted, so this might be used for that. In challenge, this is my basis presentation maker rather than Microsoft PowerPoint. Thanks for watching, and be sure to share. EXPECT MANY MORE!

Mark Egan

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Mark Egan Autobiography

Autobiography All About MARK EGAN Mark Egan Goals/Aspects My favorites: Thanks for those
who watched! About Me Where to talk: Follow me on YouTube: thedubmark
Sketch Star??? (old) Markussusussus
Skype: thedubmark
Kik: thedubmark
Google+: Mark Egan or thedubmark (not sure)
Minecraft: Mdegan820 (I hope we meet. If you
have an account on Skype, call me and we could
play the Hunger Games in Minecraft.) Hobbies/Interests? Most of the time I practice cello (2 hours or so a day) Who am I? I am Mark, and I go to Arcola Intermediate school
as a seventh grader. When I get older and proceed through college, a dream of mine would be, by default, to partake in Curtis Institute of Music and make a living that way. That is just a thought, but if that doesn't happen, I will take a day job and do something like chamber music. On weekends, no matter what, I'll "be an author" and a composer. Show:
Bill O'Reilly Well, those were the basics. Thanks you all for
watching or whatever. I left out the description for
an obvious reason in particular.
If you enjoyed, share this and comment. This was
made for fun, not as a project. An old account I had,
but it's nicer to start fresh. Animation, a topic that
I forgot to mention, I do a lot. Sometimes with
programming, I'd fool around with.
BYE! ENJOY Born in August, 2000 Live in Audubon Pennsylvania (US) On weekends, I play my Nexus 7 tablet or just play Minecraft while talking with friends on Skype (communication tool.) Really, I like to read mostly non-fiction as well as enjoy fan-fiction or something along those lines. I enjoy composing music and writing stories or novels. It's done throughout most of my free time. Well what is that day job? I have no apparent idea what yet, but hopefully something that uses math and challenges the mind. Sport:
Baseball Food:
Steak Word:
Derp Music:
Baroque or
rock Game:
Chess Videogame:
Minecraft Console:
PC Book:
"Killing Lincoln"
by Bill O'Reilly Activity:
Music Website:
YouTube* *Subscribe to me @ www.youtube.com/thedubmark Song: Bukinik Concert Etude #4: Composer:
Vivaldi or Bach Subject:
Math Animal:
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