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Video-Conferencing: Transforming Students into Teachers

The technology known as Video-Conferencing allows students from different areas to connect and share ideas in real-time.

Becky Egan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Video-Conferencing: Transforming Students into Teachers

In Stamford, TX, a unique Distance Learning Program transforms students into educators. Video-Conferencing allows high school students in Texas to teach elementary school students near Philadelphia about growing cotton. Stamford is a major cotton-growing region. The amazing technology of video-conferencing allows students to learn about places they may not otherwise be able to visit. "We like other students outside our area to share with us that the subway is not a sandwich, it is a mass transit." Tommy Bearden, Distance Learning Consultant - Stamford High School, TX Students in Stamford learn from Video-Conferencing and also create courses to teach others. Cotton 101: Technology and Resources Students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 from anywhere in the country can learn about the cotton economy in Stamford, TX. The Stamford students created a website to organize their course. Be sure to check out the promotional video on the website!
http://cotton.stamfordisd.net/ The Teacher Page allows teachers to provide their students with background information to prepare them for a virtual field trip to Stamford, TX. The Stamford High School students will even send real pieces of raw cotton for many distance learning students to see for the first time. Stamford students teach the lesson by using a work table with a touchpad control system. Students use a variety of teaching techniques from PowerPoint Presentations, items shown on a document camera, and videos. The lesson between Stamford High students and the elementary students near Philadelphia went great! A lot of them think we're just a bunch of cowboys who ride horses to school and wear cowboy hats every day, but they get to learn we're just like them. Aaron Acosta, Stamford High Student Video-Conferencing is a wonderful technology that has the ability to connect students from different backgrounds. Technology will continue to impact the field of education and completely transform our ways of teaching and learning!
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