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Classroom Uses for Skype

Information on how Skype works and ways to incorporate it an elementary classroom.

Christy Gergits

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Classroom Uses for Skype

Skype in the Classroom Christy Gergits
Heather Richards
Ann Labak Rate the Group How well do you know Skype? Thumbs Up Thumbs Down Thumbs to the Side I know about Skype and have made a call before. I have heard about Skype but have never made a call. I don't know much about Skype. Buddy Reading Collaborate with a
fellow teacher Where did we begin? Let's look at our packet. Unlock the excitement! And set up a Skype account for you to begin. What can you do with Skype
in your classroom? Virtual visit with an author or
special reader Invite out of town family to visit your room. Virtual field trip Learn about other countries She is wearing headphones which is
why we can not hear the other child.
He is reading. She is following along.
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