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noa Muscat

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of NEWSfoundland

Then Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is for you!
Survey Says
Monday April 25- Friday April 29
Wait, I can say whatever I want and it will be in the newspaper! Awesome!
Do you want your house looking clean?
Weekly Weather Forecast
44% Say that books should be given for free.
52% Say that books should not be given for free
4% Have a neutral opinion

St. John
Monday April 25, 2016
Vol XCIII, No. 311
St. Johns annual photo competion
Local Photography Competition Winner
Good night? More like Good-not-night.
Earlier this month, the annual photography competition took place. Citizens of all ages submitted their photographs to the judges; Charlie Valjoux, Rupert Sander; and former winner Olivia Trent. Third place went to Jackson Gouhn, age 24. He received a one hundred dollar gift card to walmart. Second place went to Gemma Ed, age 16. She received a two hundred dollar gift card to 'Newfoundland Camera Imaging'. She will also have an article written about her on Oliva Trent's blog; 'how to capture life's moments'. First place went to Dawn Taki, age 18. She receives a four hundred dollar gift card to 'Newfoundland Camera Imaging' as well as a scholarship to Ryerson for the photography program. Dawn will also be featured in Trent's blog and have an article written about her in 'Newfoundlands Most Influential Teenagers'.
An anonymous professor recently published an article debating whether child birth has to do with lack of sleep. Child birth can place an imbalance in your hormones causing your sleeping skills to weaken. Not to mention the added stress of having a child to care for probably also has to do with lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can put you at a higher risk for depression, type 2 diabetes, hallucination and many more life threatening problems. So is becoming childless the only possibility? Maybe not, Dr. Rewq explains that nightly meditation can help put your mind at rest. Medication is also a possibility but make sure to check with your doctor first.

Article by Harry Julles
Gemma Ed
Jackson Gouhn
Dawn Taki
Show this advertisement and get 15% off!
"What a great deal!" Said every 9 out of 10 people surveyed.
Should books be given for free through the public school system?
"I believe that children should be able to have the opportunity to read even if it is not financially available for them."
Letters to the Editor
Dear editor,
Having read your previous article on the affect coloured houses have on our tourism I completely disagree. You stated that the houses boost the tourism due to the bright colours and friendly nature. I believe that the houses have zero affect. People who visit St. John visit for the rich culture and interesting history. The houses distract from those things. St. John has a beautiful geographic location right by the ocean. And it would be a shame for people to waste their camera film on houses rather than the water or lighthouses.
Greg Howells

Dear editor,
The article you put in this newspaper about coloured houses affecting tourism could not have been more accurate. I recently got off the phone with a friend from Paris, Ontario who said that her art class would be coming to St. John specifically for the coloured houses. They are beautiful and add quite a cool vibe to the city. Especially for families with children, the houses add a child friendly vibe to St. John.
Sadie Smith
photo by Olivia Trent
Article by Queen Bee
Newest edition to the NEWSfoundland | Sam Twain
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